Thursday, February 19, 2009

Krafty Creations

It would seem that evening time has become my creative time. Michael is off in dream land, children are in bed, the house is quiet and I begin! It has been going on the last few nights. My husband may begin to think I am having an affair in my living room, with my scissors and photos. He doesn't seem to mind and I am in my glory!

After a long day with Jay, I have little time to create. By the end of the day, between trips to school, baseball practices, girl scouts, and Jay I am BEAT and drained of all goodness. hahaha Somehow, crafting allows me to fill right back up making me so happy. Or is it that glass of wine??? Well, neither here nor there!

I have been using a lot of Kraft paper lately...and loving it!

The first one has Jay fiddling around with a pacifier. He would bite it and pull on it, but then toss it aside as if it were yesterdays news! I wished he would have taken would have freed me up some. Looking back...I wouldn't trade his need for the comfort of his mother FOR ANYTHING!!!!

This next layout was created when I was scrounging around for some photos from college to post on face book for my college friends! What???? You want to see the photos I am talking about????
Obviously, I am on the left....Obviously, big hair is is after all the early 90's-1991 to be exact...and what would we have done without AUSSIE SPRUNCH SPRAY!?

These photos cracked me up from 1991! They were taken in my childhood home(which as of last year has sold), during a winter break or something from college. I had an awful outfit on...white striped shirt tucked in and bright blue pants(looking pregnant???). Standing next to some rockin' macrame' compliments of my mothers crafty-ness. Posing??? WTH!?! I mean seriously...WHAT THE H-E-(double hockey sticks)!!!!!! Thus the title!
Used a kit that I won as a RAK from LaVerne's blog on both of these layouts! Thanks lady...loving that kit so so so so much! Oh and that monkey up there is a glitz rub on by the way....cute monkey!

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