Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Cards

Here are my latest cards.
This one was for my Grandpa in Illinois.

These are mother's day cards.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Win some delish paper!

This is the sweetest paper I have seen in a while!
Go check out her sight and you could win it, all you have to do is post it in your blog and leave a comment!
Here is her sight, Terri Conrad Designs!
Enjoy and have a delightful day!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I got scrappy!

I enjoyed creating some pages that had clean lines and fun embellishments today!
I used some paper that comes in a dental floss case. It is called Scrapper's Floss! I loved working with it! The papers were too cute and the 5 x 5 photos were so fun to work with!

I created a couple of cards.
This one is made using the threading water punch, Sultry Rub Ons by Basic Grey, paper flowers and swavorski crystals, and a sweet American Crafts Fabric sticker from a scrapping pal!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Corrugated Cardboard Mini Album

I had been wanting so badly to begin using my Bind It All tool.

You can get it at allmomentsremembered.com!
I carried out some corrugated card board to the recycling bin, when I stopped dead in my tracks and said to myself..."I can use this!"
Back to my scrapping table I headed, pulled out the BIA and punched holes in 5 pages of the cardboard I cut out in equal sizes.

I covered the front with Basic Grey "Scarlet Letter" and basic black cardstock in the interior pages. I also sanded down the edges to make them mesh together nicer.

I then added a few pictures of the baby for my Mother in Law who lives in Ocala and doesn't get to see the baby that often. The front cover was a cut out of baby Jay and a quote about raising another generation.

I placed ribbon behind the pictures on each page to make page turning easier.

On the back I signed my name and also added the age the baby was at the time of the pictures.

Hope you enjoyed my quick and easy mini album using my adored Bind It All!
If your on the fence about this tool. I highly suggest going for it!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Card Frenzy

I totally love how basic Grey colors come together on cards. Yummers!!!! I have only done one so far, but I will be using that line more!

Here are some cards I made yesterday. I am really getting into the card making. It adds such a nice personal touch on the cards I send out to family and friends.

Here are some I have made over the past few weeks.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mason Jar Mini Album

This is my first post on my "Scrappy Blog". It is currently under construction!

Well here is an album in a jar I have completed. It is not as fancy as most people could pull off but it is cute. My mother in law will love it!

You can use any size/shape jar you so choose. There are hundreds out there! I used a peach jar. It is a 2 cup size.

Depending on the size jar, you will have to adapt your ribbon to fit. I used a thicker ribbon and found it worked great. I imagine you can also use a thinner ribbon. Mine measures 26 inches. I put a matching circle on the inside of the lid with glue dots. I then crazy glued the ribbon on the paper and covered it with a K & Co Flower sticker. Get creative! Use what you love!

I used double sided paper. I inked the edges of the paper in a matching color. It made the circles stand out. I made a pattern with front and back of patterned paper. I used glue dots to adhere each of the paper circles on the ribbon. I turned over the ribbon and glued another circle on the back of the front one, sandwiching the ribbon. Truthfully, I eyeballed it. It is a little under an inch and a half between each circle. Enough that it "fanfolds" inside of the jar.

I embellished the lid. I cut paper to fit the top and added a heart embellishment…you can add whatever embellishment or words or ribbons or whatever you like! I stickled around the edge to cover the words.

I used rickrack around the side of the lid using glue dots to adhere. Again, you can use any type of embellishment you like. Sky is the limit. I added swavorski crystals around.
You can use rub ons on the glass…It worked fabulous for me! I thought about stickling on the glass too but I thought it might get out of control.

Here are some shots of it as a completed project.
I attached a tag I made myself(rectangle, ink edges, cut off corners, cropadiled with an eyelet) with journaling that reads-many faces of love!. On the opposite side, I put a flower with bling to cover back of eyelet. I used 3x3 pictures I had developed and cropped them into circles slightly smaller than the paper circles I mounted them on.
Ripped a circle in half, inked, and crazy glued a fine line around outside edge to create a pocket. Attached a ribbon to pull it out. Journaling reads-who knew one lil' boy could bring such joy?
I randomly placed ribbon folded over and glued dotted it behind the pictures.
Randomly stuck a few flowers adorned with bling.
On other side, left room for another pocket. Ripped a cricle in half, inked and crazy glued a fine line around outside edge to create a pocket. Journaling-with a face like this...it must be covered in kisses.

Voila...simple and adorable!

I wind it backwards several times before putting on the lid. When you screw on the lid, it kind of twirls the beginning of your ribbon in a mess. By spinning it backwards before twisting it on, it rights itself when you twist the lid on. Make sense?

My photos arrived from scrapbookpictures.com. A shameless advertisement for this company as they do phenomenal work! Each of these pictures were 3x3 that I cropped.
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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