Friday, February 27, 2009

A stitch in time saves nine???

What's that saying???
Yeah, that is it!
You use this proverb to say that it is better to spend a little time to deal with problems or act right now than wait.
Talk about spending a little time!!!!

When I played volleyball in college, there was a player on the team named Marla. She was sweet as anything and had a voice like an angel. She sang for us as we traveled cross country and she even sang the national anthem before every home game.
She would often sing The Rose as we all loved hearing it. Somehow, I never listened to the words. Today, as i completed this challenge I listened to the words. Funny how such a beautiful song can have such sad words.

But then it reminded me of a time, when I was young, immature, and so unworldly. I didn't know what love was or how to give love. But I was surrounded by a loving family. I loved my grandmother more than my own parents(and don't get me wrong I love my parents a ton) but it just wasn't like the love I had for my grandmother. She was my everything...and then she died when I was 11. I was so completely devastated by that. I guess because I saw her as loving me unconditionally more than anyone else. When she was gone, I think a big part of me was gone too. Leaving me empty hearted.
I love this song more today than I did back in college.
White Cardstock
Hand drawn background...started with objects mentioned in song-river, road, sun, rose, flower
then I added the background hills, etc.
Prismacolor pencils
Hand stitching...took forever!!!
sakura glaze pens

I must be a glutten for punishment to be stitching two layouts in a row!!!
EEEEKS! I hand stitched the moon and the star. This layout gave me the fits!!! It sat half done on my table for two days...I NEVER walk away from projects...this one, just never felt right!

I have been having some super scrappy mail days lately!!!
This came today from noel mignon for winning a layout challenge! How lucky am I???

Here was the layout:

I posted this layout on Luxe's Blog in order to win a huge Luxe kit of retro papers!

I won this kit on a RAK giveaway on LaVerne's Blog:

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Food, whales, love, and lotsa hands!

I completed this layout, kind of following the Graphic 45 sketch design for this week. I flipped it, added some things and voila! I love these pics of my little guy eating!!! He loves to eat!!!
Making memories PP
unsure of lt blue paper
creative imaginations paper flowers
random buttons
fiber fabric from swap
mm mini alphas

Oh goodness, I won't ever forget the day I took this photo...I swear I shot about 50 just to get this one....You were all over the place, but that is what your 10 month is all about. You started walking at 9 1/2 months so needless to say you were quite wobbly still! You were crawling on everything and climbing on whatever you could. I have a sequence of photos that has you crawling up, standing up, bending down to sit and then the next shot you are gone from the had tipped over and fell out of the cameras eye! Made me laugh out loud!

I cut up your outfit and used the words and whale from your outfit. machine and hand stitched along with sakura glaze pens...I am in love with glaze pens(white and black in particular!)!
Basic Grey Boxer journal spot
white cardstock for journaling
whit sakura pen
blue thread
whale and w is for is cut from an out grown outfit he is wearing in pic!

Oh another photo of the man I love. I still wonder how I got do lucky!? We have been together 4 years and I love you more than I did back then! I loved this photo of us at Ponce Inlet beach. After I took this photo I redid the flourishes to make them more flourishy....they just sort of ended abruptly, but I have since fixed.
Basic Grey Granola-
honey, trail mix, crunchy, almond
Prima Flowers
Basic Grey Brads
Hand drawn flourishes with white MM paint and white uniball pen

This next layout was my DT work completed for Scrapping Across the Universe NEW challenge going up today or tomorrow...The idea comes from the song, I want to hold your hand...

I also have an option of this one being used for this week....

Speaking of hands....
I posted about this here on my other blog titled "My Husband Scrapped"! I went ahead and actually made this a layout....we all get a kick out of it...even jayda!
Product: Thickers, sakura glaze pens for hand doodling, white cardstock for journaling, DH scrapped layout on 8.5 x 11.

Thanks for looking and always I really appreciate your comments! Good...Bad...Indifferent! :o)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Keeping Track

It seems as though I have become a creating fanatic!
I am so loving the creative flow in my scrap area....and it got me to thinking...
just how many things have I created??? It never mattered before, doesn't truly matter now...because it is not a race! Afterall, my motto is:
Complete not Compete!
I enjoy the process and have found a certain speed at which I work. I do not second guess myself and each piece becomes it's own entity. I do not fret about the layout. The reason I do not fret about it...I have 4 big boxes of photos, 8 photo boxes full, random packages of recent photos, and let's not even begin to think about my DH's stuff! Like I said, I have enough photos to scrap well into 2348 AD!!!!

But, I digress.....

Here is the 2009 project keeper tracker!!!

Luxe Simple Grid Orange
Luxe Sundress Buttermint
MM yellow paint
Luxe Run on letters
Sass wood grain alphabet

So far:
Layouts: 41
Digi Layouts: 19
Altered Items: 2
Cards: 2
ATCs: 30

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Swimming, Fish, Jail, and Baby Me!

This layout was created for a challenge at All Moments Remembered. I saw this fabulous picture that was stunning using these colors and feathers...I couldn't resist using it for this inspiration!
Product: MME PP, random ribbon, kaiser bling, feathers, turquois stickles, MM mini alphas.

Jayda loves to fish and is very good at it. This was her very first time fishing. Although, she didn't catch a thing.
Product: Daisy D's PP, K&Co PP, BG Sultry letters, pink CS, white plastic lacey thingy, sakura glaze pen blue, white cardstock.
Interrupting this creative announcement to inform you I am a cruel mother. Poor guy crawled under the table to get his ball that rolled under stuck and could not figure out how to get out. I did the only thing any loving mother does...and ran and got my camera!
My mother gave me many many photos from my grandparents attic and her house. I am so excited to have thes ein my possession as I have so few pics of me as a child!!! Well, last night I began working on some of the ones of me! This one had me roughly around ten months old. In my brothers, hand me down sleeper. We were at my grandfather's house in the backyard. I love studying the stroller and it's many safety features???!!!! How did we survive as children???? Hahahahahahaha

How lucky am I? I won Luxe Designs Retro giveaway with my mothers layout of her
macrame' project! I received 18 PP, 2 alphabets, rubons, and journal spots...LOVING IT SO FAR!!!
I am so loving hand doodling right now and sewing!!!
Product: Luxe Designs Sprinkles-leisure Suit(both sides)
Kraft paper
black sakura hand doodles
white cs for journaling
lt blue floss
sticko letters black
thickers felt green

Thanks for stopping by and reading. Read and enjoy every I love coming to your blog too to continued to be inspired!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Krafty Creations

It would seem that evening time has become my creative time. Michael is off in dream land, children are in bed, the house is quiet and I begin! It has been going on the last few nights. My husband may begin to think I am having an affair in my living room, with my scissors and photos. He doesn't seem to mind and I am in my glory!

After a long day with Jay, I have little time to create. By the end of the day, between trips to school, baseball practices, girl scouts, and Jay I am BEAT and drained of all goodness. hahaha Somehow, crafting allows me to fill right back up making me so happy. Or is it that glass of wine??? Well, neither here nor there!

I have been using a lot of Kraft paper lately...and loving it!

The first one has Jay fiddling around with a pacifier. He would bite it and pull on it, but then toss it aside as if it were yesterdays news! I wished he would have taken would have freed me up some. Looking back...I wouldn't trade his need for the comfort of his mother FOR ANYTHING!!!!

This next layout was created when I was scrounging around for some photos from college to post on face book for my college friends! What???? You want to see the photos I am talking about????
Obviously, I am on the left....Obviously, big hair is is after all the early 90's-1991 to be exact...and what would we have done without AUSSIE SPRUNCH SPRAY!?

These photos cracked me up from 1991! They were taken in my childhood home(which as of last year has sold), during a winter break or something from college. I had an awful outfit on...white striped shirt tucked in and bright blue pants(looking pregnant???). Standing next to some rockin' macrame' compliments of my mothers crafty-ness. Posing??? WTH!?! I mean seriously...WHAT THE H-E-(double hockey sticks)!!!!!! Thus the title!
Used a kit that I won as a RAK from LaVerne's blog on both of these layouts! Thanks lady...loving that kit so so so so much! Oh and that monkey up there is a glitz rub on by the way....cute monkey!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Scrapping Across the Universe Challenge #9!

I am addicted to challenges and have completed more layouts than I can even keep track of!
The new challenge is up at Scrapping Across the Universe and it is awesome!
I love this challenge blog because it offers you the chance to reminisce and record things you may have otherwise allowed to go by the wayside. I used purple on this layout based on the purple in my dress. I do not like working with purple much but the paint matched the mm patterned paper paint that it worked out perfect! Click on the image to make it full size and read journaling.

This layout is for a challenge at noel mignon's website! It comes from inspiration from this cool website Curly Girl Designs...check out the cards.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Letters, feathery owl, paint, retro, and some love!

This layout was completed for the font challenge at All Moments Remembered! The journaling was put on the back!

Of course, I wasn't thrilled with it so I painted some letters and came up with this one. I loved the tree...most of you all put apples in your trees. Well, here in FLORIDA we have oranges in our trees!

I am working in 8.5 x 11 to complete some layouts of old photos from my childhood and beyond. This was of my brother Bryan and I. I used Cosmo Cricket, Mr. Campy.

I used the technique shown on this blog to create the roses on this page! I used mostly things from the Shop Crop Suey Kit created by Camille! This photo was taken by my parents shortly after Michael asked me to marry him at the spot where we first met...of course he had already asked my father for his blessing! I so love this man!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stop Hatin' :o)

Ok, ok that title cracks me up!
Especially when you see what I created for the Gutter Girlz challenge blog!
Check out my sassy mother in 1991( could be 90)! The challenge was to use your hand somewhere in the layout and the words "whatever, dude". When I saw this challenge, I knew I needed to use one of my retro pics!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Scrapping the Music Challenge!

If you are what you eat...

then I am delicious!

I love this first quote on my layout...I am not sure where it came from other than I saw Bree write it once and I loved it and knew I had to find a way one day and use it. Well, today was the day!
10 things I like about me. So many times we are negative about ourselves. I was challenged over at during her crop to come up with a layout that focused on ten things about ourselves that are positive. So there ya have it...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Feather, Macaroni, and a King!

This picture of you in your cap cracke dme up...the hat was huge in comparison. Once I saw the hat, yankee doodle popped into my mind. How can you go wrong with macaroni!??!

This is a card for my husband for Valentine's Day!

Soul Mate

With Valentines looming....I give you this!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jay's First Year Mini Album

I have been thinking for some time about getting this project completed! I just wanted to have something handy to quickly browse through when I needed to remember my little guy! I used to refer to him as Baby Jay and now it is Toddler Jay...happened too fast! Before long I will be calling him Big Boy Jay! LOL

I had a ball creating this! In fact, I finally was able to use those super size playing cards for this mini!

The front cover was created with a card, a baby print vellum, dymo, mini rick rack, and believe it or not...keys from my last laptop that I totally destroyed because it was so way past its prime. The ribbons were attached and I put some random buttons on the ends.

As always, click on the picture to see it perfectly clear! PS: Thanks for looking! :o)

I had a cool picture of that last night...but there was a unfortunate event... my new computer bit the dust, like quit, not working, virus attacked its super center and sent it on its way to lost photos forever. You know the beauty of scrapbooking is I will never ever forget that computer because I used it's keys on this book!
I still am not ready to discuss the loss of all my digital scrapbooking pages...thank goodness I printed off 15 of them last week!
Um, yeah...back up your digi elements AND pictures!
Page one is the Queen of diamonds...that's me, Queenie! This is Jays first day!
Now that I look at it....perhaps I need to go back through and date those pages!
Ace of diamonds stands for 1 month and heads on down through...

Until you reach the King at his first birthday party!

Amy Sumrall Designs