Thursday, January 29, 2009

Week in review!

Loving this Weeds and Wildflowers 365 Kit!
Digi is so quick and painless!

Sewing is such sweet pain!

This took me a long time! But I love the outcome...should I have added more to this layout...yeah...probably....but I love it as is!

I took a pencil and wrote the quote...then poked holes and stitched!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tagged again!

I've been tagged again!

This time Bree tagged me with a fun little picture tag!

1. Go to the section of your computer where you store all of your photos.

2. Select the 6th folder.

3. Select the 6th photo from that folder.

4. Post and explain about that picture.

5. Tag 6 other people

1. Angie
2. Kelly
3. Nicole
4. Jingle
5. Harley
6. Elizabeth

Here's the picture...

This is Jay last week. he was in his jammies and running around busy as usual...i stuck his Mickey inside his jammies and he pranced around with it there for some time! Couldn't resist snapping a picture of him and also noting how he squealed when I took the picture!

New Tuesday Challenge...

Use your own handwriting in your title!

Run on over to all moments remembered and check it out today!

Monday, January 26, 2009

More pages done!

I have tried to sneak in some creative time today! Love my digi and paper!
This one is done digitally using the Jasper Kit at Funky Playground!

This one is done using Vita Bella PP from All Moments remembered Store, same with cardstock sticker embellishments.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I have been tagged...

I am to list five things I am addicted to:

1. I am addicted to creating. Like seriously...maybe even issues here!
2. I am addicted to candy. Not chocolate so much(but I won't turn it down) more like jelly belly's, gummy cherry hearts, gummy candy, candy...candy...candy....
3. Coffee and creamer in the morning.
4. Which leads me to...Pepcid Complete.
5. Challenges!

I forgot...I need to tag 5 people...grab the pic above and return the favor to other bloggers you love!
my mother-as a form of punishment...hahahaha just kidding mom!
Rachel-who always has something lovely posted!
Veronica-for always supporting me with such kind words...and having a rocking blog of her own!
Theresa-for being so inspirational and creating such awesome art!
Kelly-my new online friend I have had the pleasure to get to know better!
I have also been creating some more things...

Enjoying some creative time!

Project 365...

I was trying a masking worked on the bottom but not so well on the top....the outcome worked so I wasn't too disappointed! This is for the Wednesday challenge at All Moment's Remembered! Click on AMR pink and black blinkie on the right to find out more!

Green Goggles!

Here is a layout I completed for the Thursday scraplift challenge...I am a terrible scraplifter...mine always look like hot garbage not the lovliness I am presented with! See the AMR link again for the page I lifted!

Titled: FROGS!
For my flower frog collection!

Monday, January 19, 2009

ARM's first color challenge:

Here is what I posted here and also on All Moments Remembered Message Boards where the challenge is actually taking place:

Hello and welcome everyone. Thanks for playing along with us! Remember, all levels of scrappers are welcome!!!
My name is Jessica and you may know me better as jessicamae3. I am so excited to post the first challenge to All Moments Remembered Year Long Royal Challenge at the All Moments Remembered forum and message boards! We are going to be crowning 4 talented people at the end of the year at our annual anniversary crop! Please see the first post here or go to the All Moments Remembered Message Board to get all caught up on how the challenge will run. Without further ado, I give you the first challenge!

Monday's challenge: Color
*Complete a layout-any size
*Must use a solid black background
*Add color to make your page pop

Here is my example-I completed it in size 8.5 x 11! My first attempt at this size but I loved working with it!

(Product: white card stock, basic black card stock, mm paint, random ribbon, brads, buttons, thread, white signo pen, mm mini alphas, thickers)

Team Member's Tip: I used drops of paint on the paper and then laid another paper on top to smooth it out. I pulled the paper back and found that the paints had meshed together beautifully and created some texture on the background! You can find the exact paints I used in the All Moments Remembered Store! Here is a link!
Click here!

I went looking for some inspiration myself. This week, I landed at Elizabeth Kartchner's blog. I definitely liked her basic style that really focused on the photos!
So, changing things a little to stay in line with the challenge...I scrap lifted her here:

(Product: BoBunny PP, basic black card stock, random rickrack, pp, brads, thickers, white signo pen)

My daughter Jayda scrap lifted her here:

(Products: Cosmo Cricket PP,basic black cardstock, sewing, thickers, k&co flower brad, random buttons, star paper clip, orange thread, star button, white signo pen)

Here is a layout that I found in Elizabeth's gallery that is a great example in and of itself!
by Elizabeth Kartchner found in Scrap In Style Gallery

Now, what to do???
*complete a layout-any size
*must use a basic black background as seen in examples
*use color to make your layout pop
*you have one week to complete-winner will be announced Monday, 1/26/09 along with the next week's color challenge
*you must place your layout on the message boards in the challenge thread at All Moments Remembered under that days particular challenge. You may leave a link or place the actual layout in that thread.

If you have not joined is easy as pie! Head over to All Moments Remembered and get started!

Happy Scrapping....can not wait to see what you create!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

So many things going on!

I am thrilled to announce All Moments Remembered Royal Challenge Blog is up and running-check it out here!. I have been asked to be the team leader of the group, but I could not have done it with out the teams help. Not to mention, Elizabeth who created the blog, header, and posted the first two entries! Thank you a million times over Elizabeth!
Keep your eyes posted for all that is to come...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Challenge 7 Scrapping Across the Universe!

As part of the Scrapping Across the Universe design team...I have the opportunity to be inspired by the ever lovely BREE!
A special family portrait...
well, I am not sure it is a favorite, but it is one I love. How cute are we and it is a portrait that brings back a lot of memories of a difficult period in my life history.

Why not take a chance on this one!?

Jude is leaving home, but he makes sure he grabs a family photo before he takes off
across the world. Do you have a special family photo that you carry with you? What
about a precious vintage photo that means the world to you? I would love to see them on a page.

We will be posting the winner and the next challenge on Jan 30th!
Here's the gorgeous prize!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

10 things!

I have been finishing up challenges at all moments remembered and had to do a layout about 10 things.
This was done using weeds and wildflowers 365 kit and lbratchers birdies from funky playground designs.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sorry Mom-

I was three and had cute my mother says and i have this photo to prove it...
shortly after....well I will let you read the journaling!!!
She said:
When I got you from your nap,
your hair was almost all gone.
It was that darn Mr. Rogers
show today. He went to the barber
shop. The darling curly pigtails were so cute.
Now you have two bare spots on both sides.
You must have cut right at the rubber bands?
Why would you do it?

I said:
The pigtails hurt so bad. I just wanted them out.
I went to sleep for my nap and cut them off at the bands.
Hid them under my pillow.
She'd never find them.

Digi Scrapping:
Weeds and Wildflowers 365 digi kit

Monday, January 12, 2009

I won!

I just started scrapping digitally this past week.
I found some challenges at Funky Playground and I decided to play along.
Turns out...I won!!!! I got 10 dollars of free digital downloads at Funky Playground! YAY! Here is the winning layout:

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I have been a scrapping fiend this weekend!!!

It has been CRAZY at all moments remembered this weekend with tons and tons of challenges-38 to be exact!
Also...Shop Crop Suey is hosting a big crop today too! So many little time!
My 365 project!

Digi-non traditional christmas and 3s challenge...2 for 1!

Happiness is using layer and distressing challenge
6th grade ...nice...LOL

Warm weather layout challenge

Pink layout and stickles challenge

ATC words to live by in 2009 Challenge

A wonderful memory from 2008 challenge

Multi picture Challenge

Digi Orange Blue Green Challenge

Friday, January 9, 2009

Exciting News!

There are so many changess going on at All Moments Remembered...Check them out here!!!

I have been asked to be the team coordinator for a challenge team at All Moments Remembered! It is going to be so much fun! We are hosting weekly challenges, as well as daily challenges...

You must come see what's up each day!

Monday is a color challenge.

Tuesday is a font/title challenge.

Wednesday is a product challenge.

Thursday is a scraplift challenge.

Friday are random challenges put together by members of the challenge team!

M-Th challenges will be awarded with a crown for that week as princess of ____ as chosen by the creative team. At the end of the year, person with most crowns will be named queen of ___ and will receive a prize at the following years annual crop!

Each Friday we will randomly pick a winner for a delightful prize from All Moments Remembered store!

Speaking of...I am pleased to introduce you to the wonderful team I will be part of(in no particular order):

Harley aka Hayatiggs

Kelly aka born2scrap

Gloria aka GLOANN

Patti Martin aka Patti Martin

Please come check out All Moments Remembered message board today! We are having a 1 year anniversary crop!!! Tons of prizes, classes, challenges, and good ol' fashioned fun!

The first Friday Challenge is up!!!
Truth and Dare!
It’s the new year and new you!!!!
It’s time to get honest with yourself….and to dare to push yourself a little further in this new year!
Tell the truth about what happiness is to you. I dare you to focus on paper layers with distressed edges….rip, crumple, tear, stitch, staple, ink, bite off with your teeth! Hehehe I will make it a smidge easier….you can scrap lift someone else!

Here is my take on the challenge!

PP Little yellow bicycle LOVE LETTERS
-love ledger
-black damask flocked
-dec edge grid and ledger
KI Memories black houndstooth sheer delights
dymo label maker
MM metal words
prima flowers
card from a deck
lace beaded fringe from jayda's kindergarten back pack!
beaded fringe from my daughters kindergarten book bag...5 years ago!
Stickles-gunmetal and star dust
Black gelly glaze pen
Little yellow bicycle rub ons and clear cuts shapes
charcoal cats eye chalk ink

Here is my 6th school year! Oh my, moving on into the ugly middle school years...UGH!!!
Let's just say my tom boyishness didn't go over so well...thank goodness for going through phases....despite how long it seemed, it was short! hahaha
This melissa frances school paper went well with the photo...simple quick page.
I need to get back in the mindset of completeing!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gettin' Digi With It!

I have been working with my Christmas gift...Photo Shop Elements 7.0.

I am not the best digital scrapper, but I do have fun with it! It is most helpful as I capture photos from an old old PC with pictures of my children when they were younger...and I was skinnier! Hahaha
This was the first page I completed. It is for a gratitude journal I am keeping in line with the Gratitude Project...found here.

This was my second attempt...this is of a photo from my old computer of my husband's profile photo on eHarmony. I so loved his smile the minute I saw it!
This picture and layout captures a moment in time that I hope to never forget! My children and parents had a ball at the beach each summer. We would go for the day and had a blast each and every trip! Jayda was young and always said the cutest things! One of those sayings that has yet to die is...."Go Beach???"

Journaling reads:

I can not hardly believe this is me in this picture! Alot of hard work and many miles of running bought that body!I am taking a guess this is 2004. A hot summer day with my children and parents after Jayda asked...Go Beach?

College Bound SATU Challenge #6

You know, when I smiled for these pictures in 1989...I never dreamed in 2009 I would actually care one iota about this....then again...I don't think I cared about anything other than the fun I was going to have when I left home.
I have just admitted 20 years has flown by since I have graduated high school...AAAAACCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!

This page was created for Scrapping Across the Universe challenge # 6:

Jude is leaving home, to travel across seas. When was the first time you left home?

Did you move away for college, military, or a job? This can be interpreted in so many ways. Was it when you were a child leaving for summer camp? Maybe you can scrap about your first apartment... the one that was all yours?

Please come play with us...a fabulous prize hangs in the balance!

Monday, January 5, 2009

AMR Crop January 9-10....

Come celebrate the 1 year anniversary of All Moments Remembered!!!

This info copied and pasted from Anne marie!

January 9-10, 2009

More details will be added to THIS POST ... so check back often!

Hey gals, this is going to be a BIG, FUN-FILLED crop to celebrate the 1 year Anniversary of the AMR Message Board -- but it's also a trial run of a "big crop" idea that Stacey and I wanted to do every 3 months or so, filling in with smaller more informal crops in the months in between. The schedule is designed to please our "late night girlz" as well as our "early bird girlz", the west coast, the east coast, and everyone in between!

I will be the Crop Host during most of the event, with Stacey and others filling in to Host the hours I can't do it. We will have some activities & AMR challenges posted during the most "awake" times for everyone -- and those activities and challenges (once posted) will be available for the rest of the crop so you won't feel like you'll miss anything! Post away if you have any questions!

Schedule (Pacific Time):
Friday -- 6pm -12am
Saturday -- 9am-9pm

Schedule (Mountain Time):
Friday -- 7pm-1am
Saturday -- 10am-10pm

Schedule (Central Time):
Friday -- 8pm-2am
Saturday -- 11am-11pm

Schedule (Eastern Time):
Friday -- 9pm-3am
Saturday -- 12pm-12am

4 Fun Classes -- will be sprinkled thru the schedule, and each Class will have a Challenge. You'll have until Thursday, Jan. 15 to submit your entry to the challenge post to be in the RAK drawing for that Class. I'll have a final schedule and Crop Supply List up this Friday, Dec. 19.

Member Challenges -- everyone loves this, so let's keep going! If you want to submit a challenge, you're welcome to run it by me first or just hold it until the Crop and post it in the Crop Forum. If there's anything really specific you think people need to know about beforehand, please send me a PM by Friday Dec. 19 and I'll include it in the Crop Supply List.

Crop Hours
-- I picked these hours to appeal to both West Coast and East Coast croppers, the early birds and the late nighters -- a little something that fits somewhere in almost everyone's schedule! Whoever wants to come into the Crop Forum earlier than the scheduled hours, you're welcome to do so! There just won't be any scheduled activities or AMR Hosts ... but YOU can just jump in and be your own host and even post your own challenges or giveaways if you want to get the ball rolling! I think everyone loves it when we can be flexible and just hang loose, so have at it! :D

I wanted to give everyone a heads-up so you've got plenty of time to gather what you might need! Here's what we have on tap!

Kelli's Class: "Inchie Card" -- this is so cute, you're going to love it!

    15/16" "inchie punch" (if you don't have one, a 1" punch will do!)
    cardstock in various colors
    your favorite Rubber Stamp Tapestry set, or set of small floral images
    stamp pads in colors of your choice
    embellishments if desired

Laura's Class: Mini Badge Album -- she has a lot of clever ideas on how to use this adorable mini! Seems like a lot of supplies, but it's just that she's thorough, so don't panic!

    8x8 piece (or larger) of Mat Board (Similar to Cosmo Cricket’s Black board, available at art framing stores).
    1-2 Binder Rings OR ¾ inch Bind-It-All wires
    1 pkg of badge holders (in the office supply section of Target, Wal-Mart, or office supply store)
    3-4 sheets of a coordinating line, preferably with a design element that can be cut out like flowers, animals, etc. (Class example will be based on Basic Grey’s Urban Prairie, available at AMR).
    12” of a matching ¾ wide ribbon.
    Diamond Glaze OR Glossy Accents
    Your favorite paper-to-chipboard adhesive
    craft knife
    sanding block, file, or sandpaper
    cropadile (or hole punch)

    Optional Supplies: ponytail holder or super-durable rubber band; Coin or small envelope to match the size of your badge holders, bind-it-all, cuttlebug/big kick, oval nestabilities

Anne Marie's Class: 2009 Goals/Dreams Layout -- I may not be the most creative person in the world, but I'm organized like no one's business, LOL! So I thought I'd guide you through capturing your goals & dreams for the new year in a layout!

    Any favorite papers & embellies.
    Optional: 2-3 sheets of vellum to create small envelopes
    Look for pre-class post 1st week of January to help you prepare the journaling for this layout!

Samantha's Class: Black Soot Stamping technique -- YES! Sam is coming back! Some of you may have seen an example of this technique on her blog. She's going to take us step-by-step. I can't wait!

    Glossy White cardstock
    Versamark ink & Basic Black ink
    a candle (you'll be using an open flame, so make sure you have a safe, stable area to do this!)
    a kleenex or paper towel

Important Crop Supply Note -- If you DON'T have the supplies and can't get them.... PLEASE DON'T SWEAT IT! Life is too short. Just jump right in and I'm sure between you, me, the class leader, and the other 500 women on this board we can think of all sorts of substitutions, LOL! :D "

Details compliments of Anne marie at All Moments Remembered!

Amy Sumrall Designs