Sunday, May 31, 2009

I made Amy Sumrall's Creative Team!

I am so honored to be creating for Amy Sumrall!!!
You may remember me posting some layouts using her free kits from the SYTYCD challenge. If you do not remember you can find those posts here...and here...oh yeah and here!!!!!
I guess I really really liked her imagine my over the moon joy when I was asked to create for her?
I received the invitation yesterday afternoon while at my in-laws. I was so excited to share the news with them and they were so sweet about supporting me!

If you have never seen her work, you truly have missed out. I know there are bunches and bunches of creators out there BUT you must check her out!
Without further ado, here she is.

I know isn't she adorable????????????
OH WAIT A want to see her work!? hahaha are some of her kits!

You can find these at the DigiChicks shoppe!
She has made it to the final round of the SYTYCD challenge. Here are her first four weeks work.

You can grab them here!
If you have not joined the Scrap Addicts yet, I highly recommend it! And do not forget to vote for her there!
Here is what I created using her work!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You'll never believe it!

I know...I am in shock too!
Thanks for looking!

I am lucky enough to be using!
Gundrun has created the most delicious papers and I got a chance to create with them! This is just the beginning!!! I have many papers from her! Be watching!

Thanks for looking!
Oh, and the cool game them at the farmers market today! woohoo! The black thingys with the 18 Months. Those are keys from my old laptop that went to PC heaven.

Oh, and yeah...I did a digi layout too!
I look pretty rough around the was 4 months old here!

Friday, May 22, 2009

A BiRd, a troll, and a Toadstool!

Ok, I am still madly, crazy, manically overboard over this chick's designs!!! Do you know as you troll through her blog you will find some delightful freebies!!! So go check out Amy Sumrall's blog!
In the meantime, before you get lost in her blog...check out what I made using her kit!

This next one...I am in love with the story...but if you weren't there you wont appreciate it...but it was really really cute!
I am full in on the digital scrapping and love creating pages that look like traditional scrapping!

Now to clean up this mess of paper scrapping stuff and have a blog giveaway....I will work on it!

All I can say is wow wow *wub*ulous !

Digi scrapping...not quite as messy as traditional scrapping...but equally fun! I enjoy putting together the pretty papers, and fun embellishments...AND I never run out of letter e's or j's or s's!

Here is what I was working on last evening! I have such a wonderful relationship with my mother! If you do not believe me...see post HERE!

Anyway, I loved this photo of my mother in the bead shop and couldn't wait to scrap it!

the kits were created by Amy Sumrall. I used the Everyday kit and the *wub*ulous kit mixed and matched! All of her kits are different but oddly work together EXTREMELY nicely.
Thanks for looking and have a great day!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May Collab kit and a freebie...or 2!!

I began working this morning with The May Collab Kit called Fresh Greens at Digi Scrap Designs! These girls came up with an amazing collab kit this month...WOWZERS! Check it out here!
I only was able to complete two...I love everything about these kits! The papers, and elements and the adorable alpha give me so much to create with I can't see an end to the possibilities!
This kit was created using Veelana's designs.
And of course, it just wouldn't be right without a free QP from me...Get it here!
This layout was using Wacky Scraps Designs. The most awesome thing about it is that the three designers have collaborated so wonderfully on this...the pages mix and match with one another PERFECTLY!
Oh, my...LOOK! Another freebie QP...Grab it here!

Ok, that was way too much fun!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Loving Amy Sumrall's Kit and a squid!

This girl has some WAY cute I could sit all day and play with them! Go see her blog! She is working hard to stay alive in the SYTYCD contest here at Scrap Addicts. My opinion...this is the girl to beat!
I finally had a few minutes of down time to create something for you and baby Jay...although he is not much of a baby anymore!

Can you believe I even had time to help Jacob with his science project???
I actually got my mother's 1970's sewing machine to work...THAT BABY IS AWESOME! We had to make a European Squid. I sewed...he painted!

I am so going to be pulling that baby out to sew more things! I LOVE IT! I will photograph it and tell you all about this old puppy one of these days!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Digi LO's

Jay's 1st dance in the rain was so fun to watch! I love the bright colors in this For the Birds Collab kit by Gina Marie Arzaga.

Our 1st trip with Jay out to Disappearing Island on the boat just inside the inlet. Makes for a very fun day! I used the Chicka Chicka freebie kit by JZ Designs.

This layout was done using Jay's second hair cut pics. Loved this template! Template-Kristy Haig, MBatton For the birds collab digi kit.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Digital Scrapping Updates!

Hi all!
I have been busy creating digital scrapbook pages and truly getting the hang of it...well, kind of. LOL
Here is one I finished tonight!

I went ahead and created a quick page that you can grab HERE!!!
These elements were created by Ginger Scraps Designer at Ginger Scraps this is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!
I love having the freedom of creating with colorful kits and learning PSE 7.0!
Here are a few others that I created using NLP Designs :

I have created some Quick pages using these kits that you can get for free at Digi Scraps Design Forum!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I can not believe how my life has gone from 2 mph to 100 mph in such a short time! I have such little time to create any more, and when I do it is digital or jewelery!
I did just finish three cards, so that was fun! Plus I finished my spring ATCs...a little late. But they are done and on their way!
Tuesday my mother and I went out to shop and get lunch. But, when I went to park, my car would not go in reverse. it had been clunking into reverse for some time now. So we came home. I owe you a day out mother!
Tuesday afternoon we went and looked at a Camry and it was so so. Wednesday morning we went out and looked at a honda and I loved it! Interestingly enough, we had started researching cars two weeks ago and decided we would buy in December when the buying was good. Needless, to say the irony of it all had us buying it Wednesday! So that was fun!
Honda Accord LX-P 2009 with only 33 miles on it. I should have known when I got in it to test drive it and it said 33 miles it was mine! The three's have it! If I think back a few years 33 was an extremely enjoyable year for me as well! But today...this day...right now where I am at is the best ever! And not because of this great new car either!

Then there has been the fun of creating digital layouts...for NLP Designs and Veelana

My latest jewelery set is created using New Jade and Natural Turquois along with sterling silver and silver plated findings. I love the jade color and look forward to sporting this in the fall as I head back to teaching Kindergarten. Yes, you heard me correctly. I need to venture back into teaching in order to secure my position in this ever changing trying economy....for my future and my family.

Well, for now that is it...

Amy Sumrall Designs