Sunday, February 7, 2010

Apple Paper Painting

It's almost done! I worked on the paper collageing this weekend. I was so very hesitant to begin because I didnt have the papers I wanted. I borrowed some and piece mealed it together in order to come up with a good start. I have a smidge more to do...but I am leaving a bit more paint exposed than other artists may choose in their collage.

When I arrived home, my husband said I ruined it. He liked it better before hand. I liked it better after and from a distance. LOL I loved how the colors came together and how I used alot of my classroom left over dittos as part of the painting! (I painted the dittos.)

This afternoon I sorted about 3,000 stamps and went through some of my ephemera for future use! I also gathered together a few things that Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson
will need to add to her upcoming pieces.
If you have never checked out her is a must see!
I am attending another workshop next month in paper painting with Elizabeth!

I also purchased her DVD and so can you!!! Click the photo to find out how!

She is an amazing artist and an even more amazing person!

I am biting at the bit to get my gnome started...but with Jay being potty trained this weekend, it is getting in the way of me doing much of anything! Joys of motherhood!

By now, Jay is long potty trained (June 23, 2010) and my gnome is done. Here's some shots of it...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Painting with paper...

I do not consider myself an artist...clever maybe...but never an artist! I have never had any formal lessons in art other than the accepted public education art classes. So with that said, please refrain from any criticism of my work as if I am trying to be something I am not...consider this your formal acknowledgment I am not an artist.

With that being said...I am an artist! You see art is what you make it and how it makes you feel...and this makes me feel good. Not because I consider it a masterpiece, but I consider it a cool start! I have found my niche at the moment for my own style of painting....although Jayda told me, "People would pay money for that if they had any!" She thought like 100 dollars...

I asked my son how much he thought I paid for this when I bought it. He said twenty five dollars. Then I told him I painted it. He liked that I created it.

My youngest son, who is 2, thought it was very "pritly." He knew it was an apple. For that alone, I consider it art!

I am taking an art class with Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson this Saturday. It is a paper paintings which she will teach us how to artistically add paper to our paintings. Many times people become attached to their paintings and can not put paper over what they painted. I understand this! If it weren't for this next painting...I don't know if I could stand it...but I do not think it is going to be a fluke so I will paper piece it!
(Sorry it is a little blurry...)

It is going to be from this sketch...he is going to be surrounded by tall grass!

I was going to sketch him on the board I am painting but I do not think I want to go that route. I am also kind of at a stand still...I want his mustache and beard to kind of come out of the painting a tickle your cheek when you get close. I do not know how to do that...or the notion hasn't taken me yet. The painting is going to be called "Caught Looking". I like that name the gnome looking at you or are you looking at him???? I love gnomes!

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