Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Twitter me your Secrets!!!

Okay...how awesome is the picture in this layout?

I have no idea where it was taken but it was my grandmother sitting in a building with my grandfather outside taking a photo of her having her portrait made. Where is this portrait Mother???? How perfect was this photo taken? He was an amazing photographer! I used lotsa sass and other stuff. Truth be told I do not like the way it turned out...but it is what it is and the words are what matter the most to me!!!

On to my new passion! Jewelery making!!!
I made this during Jays naptime! Truth...I got this embellishment for scrapbooking but it became a necklace and bracelet combo!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Layout and Bracelets

Ok, so here's the story.
My parents 33rd anniversary was yesterday. Exactly a week after mine!
Well, the day comes and goes and it had slipped my mind...like I had thought about it a hundred times this past week...but the day of...drew a blank!
So, it is Friday evening and I am working on this weeks challenge layout.

I finish and I am thinking of the date of their anniversary and the light bulb goes on!
I stood straight up out of my seat and bellowed...OH MY GOSH!!!!
I totally forgot my parents anniversary!
I looked at the clock 1030 pm YIKES!!!
I was sick to my stomach...like I felt like vomiting!
I knew they had gone to the dance at their clubhouse. But was it an early or late dance? UGH couldn't rem. Called their house...no one home.
Called moms cell. No one answers. Were they mad at me and not answering????????
So I took my page and the card I made and I headed out to their house...its 11 pm by now. They live 5 minutes from us....but decide to drive up by the clubhouse as I recalled it was a later dance and was just about over. I knew my mother was in charge of clean up after the dance on her committee. So I walk in my mom had her back to me and I just hug her and told her I am sorry I forgot her anniversary and then this made me cry...and then she cried. Then I showed her the page and the card and told them the story and they laughed! I made it in the 11th hour! They were so happy to see me and told me I made their day....can you believe the other three children did not even rem it? So I am still the favorite child. hahahahah

More bracelets...
wood and bone with a fish charm made from wood.

Black beaded bracelet.

I am making an order with Fire Mountain Beads and gems tomorrow with my cousin. I so can't wait!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

More bracelets!?!

You bet!
The more the better! LOL

The first one, I followed a pattern from the Bead and Button magazine, albeit changed up a bit to use what I have.
I like the "sewing" aspect of this pattern, but it took a while to create. An afternoon is all. So not bad!
As usual...click on pictures to make them full size! And of course, you will see a mistake I made in this first bracelet!

This next bracelet was created using sponge coral(small round circles), Mexican oysters(larger beads), and vintage crystals from an old necklace of my grandmothers. I love these beads!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jewlery Lady who Scraps

I have loved learning about making jewelery! I love beads...their colors, the shininess, the ability to create beautiful things with them!!!
This was the second bracelet I made. I used tigers eye and some lamp work beads I got at the bead show with my mother a few weeks back!
This next baby took me a bit of time! I created the bracelet using jump rings. Then I attached turquoise, red, and silver beads in different ways to showcase the colors and silver workings. If you look closely at the photo below...you will see where I created a J with silver findings and attached it as my "signature"! It took me about 5 hours to complete this.

Not to push aside my first love...scrap booking. I created this layout for the Tuesday Font Challenge at All Moments Remembered. This weeks challenge is to use a movie quote as your title. This picture was taken of our first dance together at our beach house wedding reception in 2007. This quote is "We dance, we kiss, we schmooze, we carry on, we go home happy." From the Disney Hercules movie.
Basic Grey Sultry line of PP and various letter stickers, fibers, and buttons.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

mmmm.....smells so good!

Do you love candles???
I absolutely adore them!
Unfortunately, this weekend they are getting used more than usual...Jay has been sick and well...let's just say his diapers can bring tears to your eyes!

What wonderful luck for me...as part of my responsibilities as a Buzz Agent, I received a wonderful new candle in the mail from The Fragrance Collection by Glade.
Can you smell it????

This candle is a soy based candle called currants and acai. I love the rich color of the candle and the smell is so nice. It is not a normal flavor I would have chosen for my house, but I truly do enjoy it! The smells of these particular candles are EXTREMELY fresh! My favorite may just well be the lotus bamboo flavor! So fresh and springy!

You can find these delightful candles in a variety of stores. I found mine in the local walmart! They are a high quality candle for a very good price. These are candles I feel safe using in my home. Not to mention, they really freshen the air....and goodness knows with Jay around...we sure do need it! :o)

What is a Buzz Agent? I receive products in the mail that I must try and then tell you all about! I suppose you could say I "buzz" about it! I have been part of this program for a few months now and I am truly enjoying the benefits of all that it has to offer. Plus, it keeps me in the loop of the newest and coolest products out on the market today!

Leave a comment here or here and I will choose three people to send out a coupon for 3.00 off one of these delightful products!I will pick the three names on Wednesday, March 25th.

I love scrapping with the smell of candles burning. I truly am one of those people whose sense of smell is one of their strongest senses. Helps me be more creative!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Better Together!

I have spent the better part of the day creating this lovely for my DH on our second anniversary March 20th. Yeah...I know I should have had this done days ago...but late last night as I lay in bed and thought about our anniversary...I thought how much better we are together!!! Thus the title of the mini that follows along with Jack Johnson's lyrics to said song! So, either I feel bad about finishing it the day of...or celebrate the creativity that came to me! The old green cover was from a 1943 girl scout song book.

Click on each photo to get a full size version.

The cover is actually the return post card for our reception on June 2. It couldn't have matched the lyrics any better!
1943 girl scout song book...flea market find!

Below you will see where I cropped the index photos and used the strips to create this left side page! It matched the lyrics to the song. Which in all actuality is how I created each page...keeping in mind the lyrics.

Thanks for looking!

My own BFF

This layout was inspired by the challenge I had to complete for Scapping Across the Universe. #11 challenge is to scrap about your BFF. I had this picture since 2002. At the time, I loved this picture of me. I have to fight my usual M.O. of making fun of me. But, I thought back to this time...I was a single mother...no family in Florida and on my own. It inspired the journaling, title and speech bubbles!

I used all things I have received in RAKs lately.
PP Sass and american crafts, thickers, fibers, ric rac, pink sakura glaze pen.

Friday, March 13, 2009

So ready for spring!

Wait...I live in Florida...it has pretty much been spring for some time now....especially this past week. 80s each day. Wait, that is more like summer! ahhahaha
Ok, when I am sweating my head off this summer you all can make fun of me!

I made this wall hanging using the felt flowers from hobby lobby.
October afternoon patterned papers and my signature of cutting up the outgrown clothing for embellishments. Vintage buttons and a fiber for hanging.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Another giveaway...and why I have been unbloggy.

Check out this website!!!!
Look what they are giving away....and you could win it!
How much fun would this be to win!???!!!

Now where have I been??? You may have been wondering...and if not...please entertain me and pretend you have been!!!!


I have been playing with my children, visiting family, exploring, and finding delightful things. Want to see what I have found???

Ok...here it goes...oh and in the near future I am going to post a RAK that just might include some of the following!

Can you beat 50 cents for a baggie full of each? Gotta love the flea market.

Then this weekend, my inlaws gated community had a community garage sale. I found these amazing vintage cards...some dating back to the 30s and 40s through the 70s. FUN STUFF!!! We are talking 4 dollars for everything!....oh there's tons in the bag and plastic tub.
Buttons....another awesome find at the flea market wednesday!!! LOVE these. We have found buttons that are from military that have a value of 50 dollars a piece! I guess the 20.00 tub will pay for itself and then some. FUN!
Yesterday, my mother and I went to a bead show! I so love beads!!! Here are a few I have arranged in a cute little picture....I will be creating jewlery...just as soon as I get the hang of it....LOL!
There is an amazing fabric store in my town. I just found it last week. They have bolts of every bit of their fabric and I am in love with the bolt end caps. They do call them bolts don't they? If not...let me know!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another chance for free goodies!

Here you go folks...a chance to win more yummy goodness!!!
This time, the prize is coming from the ever lucky Jingle!!!

So run on over and check out her blog and see how you can win too!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

You have to ask yourself...

Do I feel lucky???

Well do ya!?

Devo's Mommy is giving away this!!!
Hurry go here now and try and win!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Painter's chips

I walked by the paint department in wallyworld and decided I needed to check out some paint colors...
Took my one inch punch and punched out shades of blue and used it on this delish designs royal icing patterned paper!

Amy Sumrall Designs