Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Adore the olden days!

Here is a card I made for a challenge...I am not a great card maker, but I wanted to make one for a dear friend of mine. I used October Afternoon!

This White background layout was completed for a challenge over at All Moments Remembered. I used all Basic Grey Boxer PP and some random ribbon and fibers along with thickers and my dymo. I have such a bad tendency of looking at photos of myself and making fun of me. I stepped back and looked at this photo with eyes that are 15 years older than when this photo was taken and I thought, lovely!

I so loved these two people! My Mother's Parents and my Grammy and Grampy are shown here. I believe this is their wedding photograph.
This was done for another challenge in which we could only use one word for the title and it could not be a noun.
I used The Scenic Route Kraft Wildflower, basic Grey Offbeat-casual, and thickers.

Now this here autograph book is phenomenal! It was from my grandparents attic. Most were written in 1932-1935.
The entries into this autograph book are written in the form of art long forgotten.

"My School Day Autobiography"

"Schoolday memories bring back,

Pleasant thoughts of happy hours,

Spent in work and play."

This was written by my grandfather to my grandmother:

"Dearest Lea,

I wish I was a bubble

in the soda that you sip.

I'd crawl right up the straw and

kiss you on the lip!" Duke 1934

By my Grandfather again:

"Dearest Lea,

I'm following you whereever you go,

I'm following you forever you know.

Duke" 1934

Then you will note that my mother as a child got a hold of this and wrote in it too!

("My dear father to my dear mother.")

"Dear Lea,
Out on the ocean there is a rock
and on it carved, Forget me Not.
Your Loving Daughter,
She added: "Yours til the Boardwalks!"

You can read the rest by clicking on the picture and enlarging it! There are some amazing poems in this!


Veronica said...

OMG! OMG! That autograph book is THE GREATEST!!! What a find! Love all the entries. Thanks for sharing.

angie worthington said...

the card & layout are both great!..that autograph book is awesome, what a treasure!...

Anonymous said...

I agree, your photo is LOVELY! All the rest are neat to read. Love, Mom

Jingle said...

Wowness! Love the card, the 'adore' layout is magnificent and that book is just a treasure!

Anonymous said...

you amaze me girl

oh and i tagged you check out my blog

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

OMG What a treasure you've got in that autograph book! That is so cool and romantic!

I LOVE your card too - you are an excellent cardmaker! Lovin the layout too!

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