Sunday, February 22, 2009

Keeping Track

It seems as though I have become a creating fanatic!
I am so loving the creative flow in my scrap area....and it got me to thinking...
just how many things have I created??? It never mattered before, doesn't truly matter now...because it is not a race! Afterall, my motto is:
Complete not Compete!
I enjoy the process and have found a certain speed at which I work. I do not second guess myself and each piece becomes it's own entity. I do not fret about the layout. The reason I do not fret about it...I have 4 big boxes of photos, 8 photo boxes full, random packages of recent photos, and let's not even begin to think about my DH's stuff! Like I said, I have enough photos to scrap well into 2348 AD!!!!

But, I digress.....

Here is the 2009 project keeper tracker!!!

Luxe Simple Grid Orange
Luxe Sundress Buttermint
MM yellow paint
Luxe Run on letters
Sass wood grain alphabet

So far:
Layouts: 41
Digi Layouts: 19
Altered Items: 2
Cards: 2
ATCs: 30


rairie said...

you are way too busy! I cannot imagine so much work. Love it all!


Veronica said...

You really like "rubbing" it in don't you? LOL ;-)
WTGG I love looking at all your work! I'm never disappointed. {except in myself}

ScRaPbOoKfReNzY said...

WTG! I was going to ask you how much you had created, b/c it seems like you have at least 1 or more LOs to share every day! You're on a roll. Send some of that complete mojo my way!

Elizabeth said...

cute clipboard...good luck keeping up with all your projects. :)b

Cassie said...

This is a fabulous idea! It seems like everywhere I turn there are people trying to keep track of their 365 in 365 projects. This is awesome!!!

Karen said...


A couple of weeks ago you entered for a RAK on my blog. The original winner never emailed me so I picked a new winner and it was you. Send me your addy and I will get it in the mail to you.

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