Friday, December 19, 2008

Fifth Grade

Well, I have gotten through the years this week! I am finishing up the week with 5th grade.
I used a lot of Basic Grey Boxer on this layout! I also used some cardboard to add texture and dimension. Basic Grey rub on from a swap, along with kimberly poloson butterfly chipboard. I found this crochet butterfly at the flea market a while back. A tracey porter butterfly embellishment, again from a swap. Random stickles, fiber, and glaze pens. Lots of layering...

Fourth Grade

Hmmm, the pictures make me laugh and cringe all at the same time! Talk about being a caterpillar...
I have so enjoyed working with these. In fact, I loved finding the boxes of photos, ephemera and newspaper clippings. Everything is so in tact and complete. I am so glad I was a pack rat as a child! Report Cards, handwritten letters in my young scrawl, and tons of memories of who I was and what my life was like. My children will have something tangible and in order when I am but a distant memory.
Do you notice the necklace I am wearing in this photo? It was a heart and what looked like a crocked horn and supposedly it was good luck and i have no other knowledge of it than that it was popular! Another thing I rem out on the markey for the first time were those sandals that you could pop out the wheel on the bottom and make them into little skates.
Funny! Plus, i remember my first ever real live crush! It was Kevin McCluskey! I wrote him a note and said...will you go with me? Circle yes or no. He told me he was not allowed to have a girlfriend. hahahaha What was I thinking? I would kill my daughter if she wrote a letter like that to a boy in her class. Hahahahaha

Rusty Pickle Game Pieces PP
Sass journal spot sticker
Random flowers, buttons, and brads

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Third Grade

Hard to believe I have completed Kindergarten through third grade already! How much fun it has been to wander through these years. The sad part is...I remember so little. Hmmmm....
I used Sass Lass papers from Brees Over the Rainbow kit...It is the kit that keeps on giving! Holy smokes is it useful and plentiful! I added to it some duct tape and thickers. plus some dymo to complete the look!

Second Grade

Cosmo Cricket-Get Happy line of PP along with some random buttons and ribbon.
More colorful than I usually go for...but fun!
Don't ya love the hair and teeth? make me laugh!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

First Grade

Well, who needs teeth??? This is my first grade picture. I remember going to the fire station like it was yesterday!

Basic Grey Sugared delightful and precious
embellies: basic grey sugared
random buttons vintage
random lace
scrabble tiles
hambly pink overlay

Monday, December 15, 2008

Picking Dandelions Design Team Challenge

Just wanted to let you all know the new challenge is up over at Scrapping Across the Universe!!! Please go check it out!! You can win a great prize!!!
I worked for my grandfather...alot!!!!! With a few coins in my hand and a promise til I am better paid. I do not know what that means, because I was never better paid?????
Hmmm, all day work for two 5 gallon buckets full of dandelions from his yard. 50 cents richer at a quarter a bucket...I went on my way with a thank you and a "til your better paid".
Loved creating this layout, used Camille's Premier Kit at Shop Crop Suey! Along with my own thickers and dymo label maker!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Well, you will recall I recently did the high school years and now it is time to start in elementary!
I used Bree's over the rainbow, premier kit from Shop Crop Suey!
I added my own lace, handstitching, thickers, and MM mini alphas, along with a prima bling.
Journaling reads:
I liked school! I remember my teacher had a pet bunny that was always hopping in the class!

On the back, I added the report card and class picture in a ziploc.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

12 days of Christmas

I am taking Jeanette Heardman's 12 Days of Christmas Class online! I love it so far! She has great ideas for inspiring new Christmas traditions with your family! So much fun! The children are having a ball with it!
Last night I made my journal after I had helped the children create their's. Jacob came up with their title for both of their journals!

We usded creative imagination christmas paper to cover their journals and the silk holly I had gotten at the dollar store.

On my journal, I had some fun!

I used vintage spel*ingo letter cards to spell out joy. Then I added one more card showing the back side of the cards I used. I added white frill, vintage tickets from my friend Bree, the silky holly and brads, Christmas mini cupcake holders, vintage buttons from my mother in law, red stickles all over the showing heavy cardstock and added 12 days with black thickers!
They all turned out adorable...but the best is the writing in the journals by my children!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas 08

I got on my Little Yellow Bicycle and completed this layout using the Christmas Magic Collection. I pulled out my platinum stickles and added some detail to the flowers. I also used some silk holly leaves and red brads. The white fringe came in a swap and I am loving using it on my layouts! Rounding out with a title made from Thickers.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

'83 Dodge Colt

I found these pictures while going through a box my mother brought to me from my childhood home in PA...which they have since sold to a sweet older couple who have put wooden windmills in the yard.
This car was made of steel and it managed to hold up fairly well in the wreck. Unfortunately, it was worth so didn't take much to "total" it.
Sorry Dad! I still feel real bad about that. But I promise I wasn't speeding and I also promise I was late going home!
Cheryl Kunselman and her boyfriend happened to drive by immediately after the wreck. He was bringing her home from a party. She lived a block from me and I caught a ride with them!
I loved making this layout! The memories I suppose. It was fun to reminisce!
If you look closely, you will see my actual driver's permit!!!

Journaling reads:
This old number here has seen some serious teenage driving! Live and die by the teenager as a matter of fact! My older sister, older brother and I all learned to drive in this 1983 Dodge Colt. My parents bought it as a second car for their teens to drive. My sister burnt out a clutch! It took her forever to get the hang of it and a lot of practice! My brother taught me to drive. I will tell you one thing for sure, once you learn to drive a stick shift, you never forget! Unfortunately, one “late” evening I was driving home. It was wet and cold. The road had frozen over and I spun out of control damaging a guardrail and totaling the car. I literally was going 15 mph when the car began spinning. I was absolutely petrified as I hated driving in bad weather anyways! The hardest part was calling my dad and telling him I wrecked! He yelled and cursed at me a lot over the next few weeks! Just what you would expect from a dad who had a teenage driver who wrecked the . . .

Basic Grey OffBeat from Camille's Premiere kit over at Shop Crop Suey!
PP are "alternative" and "radical"
Grapefruit plastic Bag
Driver's License Permit
sewing machine with black thread
3 black vintage buttons from my mother in laws collection!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Fall day in Blue Springs!

Oh how much fun! I am back to paper and scrappingness! I tried my hand at digital scrapping with PSE and I am just not getting it! Like please send me to a class and I will head to it...but muddling is not my way!
I found this fabulous huge roll of vintage bamboo cupboard liner paper at a sale for 50 cents! I used it for my back ground and then mounted my photo on a piece of cute Mr. Campy fall paper. After all, we did go to Blue Springs Park in October...but it being Florida and all...everything is still green! I used silk leaves and branches from the leaves, along with thickers and frillies I received in a swap! The owl is a vintage card cut out! I love how it turned out...right down to the wood grain patterned paper that looks like a tree trunk with the journaling!
We had gone to the park for the day so Jay could play on the swings for the very very first time in his life! Needless to say, he screamed the whole time....and NOT with glee I might add!!! Michael and I enjoyed the park for the first time together that day! I have been many times with my kindergarten class{to view the manatees that winter in the springs} as well with my own children while Michael was at work. It was so much fun watching Jay explore for the first time on his own. Trying to run run run...but only managing to fall more than run!
As always, you can click on the photos to enlarge them!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Where have I been?

Okay, it is confession time!
My desk was a complete and utter disaster. totally could not even see the bottem of it! Ever since I created THIS PROJECT my desk has not seen the light of day!
I cleaned it yesterday and immediately I was creative!
I have completed TWO atc's for swaps. (Forgive the delay Bree of my 1970's ones)
1980's:(remember flourescent clothing??? Frankie shirts? I kept it stark and simple like the Tshirts!)

1970's:( I chose this year and song because it was the year I was born...and the title was fitting...not only that...I love this song. Such a beautiful voice!)

Don't mind the white flocking around these last ATC's...long story.

I am working on Christmas cards and they are adorable!!! But I will not post yet!

I completed an 8 x 8 layout for a gift for Stacey at All Moments remembered. It is her 1 year anniversary and the girls are putting together an album for her!

I decorated our Christmas tree. Me who has three Christmas trees had to be FORCED to put up one tiny table top tree! You see baby Jay has a way of "decorating" that is not conducive to the trees/ornaments/Annalee's!

It is a table top tree with no tree skirt even as the baby would pull it down!
Still waitin gon word to who won this jar project challenge!

I am still working on an advent calendar. I am creating a tree...but I need to borrow my mother's hot glue gun!
If you love kits...I highly recommend you visit, Shop Crop Suey!!! They are giving away a second kit for 50% off after buying another kit or extras they offer! Hurry on over NOW to see what you want. OH AND BY THE WAY!!! Tell Bree or Camille that Jessicamae3 sent ya! I earn points for free stuff!!!!
That's it for now!

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