Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Vintage lovers...drool, and walk like an egyptian!

I was out at the farmers/flea market this morning and my glorious day...what fun!!!! It was jammed packed! It was also a billion degrees by 8:s0 am. It topped out at 94* when we left at 10:30 am.
I spent 6.50 on some of the coolest vintage yumminess!!!
I found a very cool old nursery rhyme book but the guy wanted 10.00 and talked down to me like I was the village idiot for not wanting to pay that for it. "That there's a antique(yes, he did NOT say "an" before the vowel a in antique) and if you want somethin' that's not then you go on out an' buy somethin' made in china!" I just walked away.
Thank goodness I didn't pay that ridiculous price for it. No sooner did I turn the corner and I straightaway found a table everything for a quarter! SCORE!!!!!! I picked up 20 things! I'll show you the pictures below.
Then I found in a box everything for a dollar, an old 1964-1965 Worlds Fair in New York City Book. Loved it for a dollar! Then I found a highlights book from 1976 and I had to have it for memory purposes for 50 cents.
Wait, I forgot, I paid 1.50 for an old army patch that said Lloyd and two packages of buttons from army uniforms. Each was 50 cents! My grandfather's name was Lloyd!
So that brought my total to $8.00!

Here is my layout I did today of my darling Jayda girl. She cracks me up withthe way she thinks!
Humming, walk like an egyptian!

Bazzill Basic Cardstock
PP:Prima Riviera-both front and back
Gromlets: We are memory keepers
Big Bite 2
Off white cardstock for journaling
Printed out words
Basic Grey Naked chipboard
black sakura pen on hand drawn glyphs
Christmas wired ribbon goldColor box chalk ink

If you are wondering how I created the flourish with stickles, I used a naked chipboard negative space!


GLOANN said...

You did great! A really good haul of vintage items. Now I'll be watching to see these goodies show up on LOs.

angie worthington said...

great layout and awesome vintage finds!...

Greta Adams said...

awesome finds girl...i wish i still had all my highlights mags from back int he day..that woul dbe a trip to look at them now!!

Anonymous said...

Good thrift store hunting,

I do the roundsof my local "haunts" at least once a week. I can't get enough.

You came out great.

I love the Lloyd patch... thats awesome.

I can't wait to see what you do with it all..


Heather said...

Love all the vintage goodies. The doggie cards would be wonderful for ATC's.

Lori said...

Girl you scored some great stuff!!!!

Love your lo too!!

allison said...

love those vintage keys!

laverneboese said...

Wow, what awesome stuff!!! And that layout of your daughter is beautiful. Love how you used that flourish "stencil" with the stickles!!!

Kristin said...

So cool, everything! I love when I hit it big like that! I don't have any good stores near me where I live but I need to get out some more and see the other places! The prices you paid are not bad either! Congrats to you!

Dee said...

fanTAStic finds, jessica! i'll wrestle you for one of those doggie playing cards -- one set is of springer spaniels, which is what my dogs are!!

Charleen said...

fabulous finds! lucky you.

McMGrad89 said...

I saw your Highlights hardbound magazine. I have to milk crates of those... :-)

They are actually mine from when I was 5 & 6 or so.

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