Thursday, August 21, 2008

Alligator Postcard circa 1910

This layout was so easy to put together. The papers reminded me of my inlaws, whom I fondly call mom and dad!
I totally loved this postcard I got at a Thrift store the other day before the hurricane hit. The alligators go well with the "Florida-y" feel of the paper! It is from 1910. I almost couln't bear to use it, but it fit so perfect on this page!
I love my inlaws, and the words mom and dad really grasp the feeling I have towards the two of them!


Veronica said...

What a sweet sentiment! It looks GREAT! I'm sure they think of you as a daughter also.

Born2scrap said...

I have nominated you for a blog award. Go to my blog to find out more details!

rairie said...

I am so impressed with your win and also I loved the page for Peggy and Jay, they truly are the best of the best...I love them too.
Your old mom!

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