Saturday, August 16, 2008

I love my name!

Last night, we ordered pizza...AND sat in front of the olympics and ate! My children LOVE breaking our dinner table rule! Well, what does that have to do with my name? Not much....but I am getting there! My husband brought home some Diet Mountain Dew. Soda is a treat here. In the south we call it soda, in the north we call it pop. I have been here so long, soda comes right out. I do not call it pop anymore. That's what a balloon does! hahaha
Back to the soda:
Michael says to me, "Honey, your having Mountain Dew now??? That's loaded with caffeine!" I replied, "I know, but when it comes time to sleep I will." Well, I sat down at my scrapping table, completed my family blog and then pushed the computer aside. I was inspired suddenly to create. It started with my name and it was going to be a layout void of a photo. This page was going to be about me. Things just began to fall in line and it was as if I had created this page before. The more i worked at it, the more it felt like everything I grabbed was supposed to be there. In the quiet of night, I began to think about why it felt so deja vueish. Then it dawned on me I had dreamed of creating this page. Which got me to thinking. Could it be possible the pages I was creating{as it seems to flow so easy} are actually creating themselves in my dreams and my subconscious minds pulls those images forth during my working hours!?!
Nah, i am sure it was just the Mountain Dew! hahahaha
This page has some very emotional/meaningful pieces included. First, I will share with you the latest endeavour!
As always click on the pictures to make the pages come alive!

Starting with the cardstock, it was just some cardboard from a pp insert.
Paint: MM Chartreuse
Red thread for sewing and stitching
Hippo comic from 1976 Highlights book
Yankee doodle song heart from 1976 Highlights book
Key from flea market
leaves were from a bouquet of fall leaves.
various chipboard letters
Broken record
cut out doily
weeki wachi postcard with mermaid
my small owl ATC
garage sale find feathers
3 vintage buttons from my grandmothers collection
epoxy stickers
dymo label maker
my grandfathers tie tack that features USA and Canada for my new found Canadian Friends...You know who you are Bree and Camille!
old Pennsylvania map cut to show my hometown where I grew up
All Moments remembered business card cut to feature my other friends!
3 plastic hearts with J's on them for my loves...Jacob, Jayda, and Jay
I think that is it!


GLOANN said...

Jessica, love your name, too. This is amazing. I just don't get how you are so creative at the drop of a hat!

scrappin{jewlz} said...

Jessica, that is the coolest layout!!

PattiM said...

Awesome, Jessica... I love all the layering and texture that you've added..... I love your name too and it suits you....


(Pattie's passion)

I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!!!!

Rachel said...

Wow! What a masterpiece!! Go DEW!!!! LOL

Great layering.

Jingle said...

Such a cute and fun layout! I love the idea of doing a layout based on your name! I so need to do that!

All moments remembered said...

I love this!! I am going to have my oldest dd do one of these!!!

rairie said...

I love your name too...I picked it because I loved it and you are perfect for the name...because. However I was wondering where the picture of your mommy and daddy were...

Veronica said...

I have "dreams" like that, but they NEVER transfer to a page! It gets "lost in transition!" LOL You've inspired me. Might have to "scraplift" from you! WTG girl, you ROCK!!

TracyP said...

WOW!!! This is so gorgeous!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This was totally inspired by YOU,
My beautiful fabulous friend.

go check it out!

this layout is stunning.
You rocked it, girl!


Amy Sumrall Designs