Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another Design Team...Almost!

A new kit club called Shop Crop Suey had a Design Team call. Out of the 124 entries, I made the first cut.

"Out of 124 applications, here are our favorites!
Bree's top 10 (another drum roll please...) in NO particular order.

1. Jessica Carter
2. Kristina Kiessig
3. Michele Beck
4. Tracy Rratt
5. Karin Kreijen
6. Michelle LaPoint
7. Francine Clouden
8. Brooke Clark
9. Stephanie Barnwell
10. Dana Shutt-Mendibles

Camille's top 10 (drum roll please...) in NO particular order.

1. Sandie Vincent
2. Kim Brouillette
3. Ria Mojica
4. Holly Hanks
5. Carole Maurin
6. Alanne Schellenberg
7. Aleksandra Sokal
8. Brittney Smith
9. Danielle Holsapple
10. Deanna Daily"

The finalists were named today. Unfortunately, I did not make the final cut. But I am absolutely thrilled to be considered for the position! The winners are as follows. Maybe you will recognize a name!

"The new "Crop Chicks" are as follows:

Kim Brouillette
Brittney Smith
Deanna Daily
Kristina Kiessig
Tracy Pratt
Michelle LaPoint"

You must go check out Shop Crop Suey, the kit is going to be hot!


laverneboese said...

Oh, I'm sorry Jessica. I'm also sorry for not congratulating you earlier for making the top 20. I knew that first name looked so familiar to me. Well chin-up. You made the top 20...I didn't!!! I didn't even get my foot in the door. Did you hear about the Fancy Pants DT call? I have the info on my blog if you're interested!...or I can email it to you. Let me know. And by the way, I LOVE YOUR WORK and am happy to have found your blog!!!

Anne Marie said...

Congrats Jessica! Keep going and keep submitting to DT calls. I just know you'll make one soon, your work has gotten SO GOOD!!!

Harley Dee said...

Congrats on making the first cut, that's awesome! Keep submitting. You do fabulous work, and any DT would be lucky to have you! :D

Dee said...

congrats on making the first cut, jessica -- i think they goofed by not selecting you in the end, though! it's only a matter of time (and not much) before somebody snarfs you up!!

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