Sunday, August 31, 2008

Repurposed Record Bracelet

Inspiration comes fast and furious over at Shop Crop Suey! (Click on the link to see the tutorial on their blog.) The latest was a fantastic quick project on how to use the old record albums and create bracelets.
After I completed this original project using a record cover,

I wondered what I would do with all those left over records...even thinking about creating an album using them(which I still will do)...but in the meantime...what a fun project!
I found that it was way to big for my wrist...then I thought of hooking it together with a traditional bracelelet clasp. But...where to find one of those around here??? Then I remembered something I picked up at my mom's(my MIL's) house in Ocala. She let me go through all her old "junk" as she liked to call it. I referred to it as the best prizes EVER! I found some old snaps she had. I attached snaps to the back of this bracelet to make it more form fitting!!! Gotta love the crop a dile and snaps! I will be using snaps on mini albums soon...KEEP a weathered eye out for that! So to you, Bree and Camille at Shop Crop Suey(Who by the way is having their grand opening tomorrow) I thank you for a fun quick project!!!

Old record
Crop a dile
oven to 200* and a cookie sheet
Old bracelet I used for another project
While I have your attention...
Tomorrow is opening day for Crop Suey.
Tomorrow is also the day we are made aware of who wins their kit! I have been trying so hard to win this kit and if you haven't checked out this blog post to win your own RAK by trying to help me win my RAK...well....WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!!???? Help me win!!! YAY

Speaking of good news.
If you happen to live in or around Oregon, you are going to want to hear about the absolute BEST LSS opening in town! Stacey Middleton(her blog) at All Moments Remembered is opening her very own brick and mortar store! You can still visit her shop online but you are always welcome to head over to the little shop FULL of heart!!!! If you have never checked out the message boards at All Moments Remembered...please take this opportunity to do it now! You will find the best group of ladies who are full of encouragement and creative genius!!! Just wanted to also let you know...she has an easier way to order kits with pay pal! If you do not belong to a kit club, well this would definitely be one you would want to have!
I wish her nothing but the best as this woman definitely has her HEART in her business! Tell her jessicamae sent you when you join our message boards or make an order! She would be thrilled to know I sent you!
Well, I have rambled on long enough!


Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Jessica your bracelet looks awesome! I love all the danglies and the snap!

Anonymous said...

You rocked this girlfriend.

You are a super star.

Come on guys... isn't she amazing?

MandieGirl said...

Yes, she IS amazing! Great job!

Scrappy Girl said...

Wow! Love your creativity. That layout is so cute too!

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