Monday, July 28, 2008

Needs No Words!!!

Jay woud spit up all the time. When you expected it...when you least expected it...on your good clothes...on your bad clothes...on your inlaws...on your company...on your your bed...
Okay you get the picture!
However, this was taken during a photo shoot I had set up for you.
Unfortunately, your head was kind of cut off in the picture. I was mortified you JUST vomited as I had just started taking your pic! I snapped this in the quick sequence of shots. If memory serves correctly, your head settled down into the pool and then you lifted it up again. You see at this time, he was not real strong in the holding the head up on your tummy phase!

Product review:
Journaling reads:
It never for one moment bothered you that you were always spitting up. It made us cringe. It made us curl up our noses and run for burp cloths. This picture just "happened" and I love it!!!
This is a 5x5 photo from scrapbookpictures. I accidentally cut off his head, but that was because I was partially mortified he threw up during a photo opportunity!

Tinkering Ink Perennial Parade-bluebell
white cardstock
BG Naked Chipboard
Marah Johnson stamp
black color box ink
hambly 3/4 inch black graph
Kaiser bling
MM metal delight
random black ribbon
hambly swirls
white ink
sakura glaze pen black and white
gunmetal stickles
Creative imaginations journaling block
white thread hand stitched


PattiM said...

Super cute LO, Jessica.... LOL He's just happy to get the uck out... I remember my kids spitting up too....Terrible smell and always on fresh clothes and in the worst area, the shoulder. so no matter which way you turn its still within smelling range.... LOL But, thats what the cloth diapers that were delivered to my door were used for...cause I hated dunking them in the toiddy..



Harley Dee said...

Oh my gosh I love it!! :D You're right, it doesn't even need a title. Love how you kept it to just a couple of colors.

Veronica said...

Love the B/W photo. It immediately directs you to the subject matter! LOL

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