Saturday, July 26, 2008

My baby's first smile!

This morning I started a layout about my baby's first smile. Oh that precious moment in time when he curled the sides of his lips upwards was a monumental occasion. I didn't think it would actually ever happen. I happened to catch these photos on January 18, 2008 as I had set him up on the couch to photograph him. jacob and Jayda walked into the room and he all but came out of his clothes with the smile and excitement he showed. Okay, so I am still dealing with the heartbreak that it wasn't me that he smiled at first! hahahaha Just kidding.
As always, a simple click on the picture will make these pages come alive!

Thanks for looking!


Chrispea said...

You're cookin' with gas! LOL! Great layouts... love the cards!!

Carol said...

I left this comment on my page after you visited. I'm new to this blogging so I am not sure if you would know it posted so here is what I said:

Yes, my daughter ALWAYS wants what I make. What's bad is that she brings pictures to me and says "make me this" which I usually do if I can find similar- whatever- beads, yarn 'cause I crochet, fabric 'cause I sew, florals 'cause I arrange- whatever. At least I know that when I die, she will have a lot of what I made for her! PS thanks for the Weather Pixie. I'm a total sucker for blog wigets.

I also love it because you have given your kids pages. Awsome!

Amber (tink13) said...

Very Cute.


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