Thursday, May 7, 2009


I can not believe how my life has gone from 2 mph to 100 mph in such a short time! I have such little time to create any more, and when I do it is digital or jewelery!
I did just finish three cards, so that was fun! Plus I finished my spring ATCs...a little late. But they are done and on their way!
Tuesday my mother and I went out to shop and get lunch. But, when I went to park, my car would not go in reverse. it had been clunking into reverse for some time now. So we came home. I owe you a day out mother!
Tuesday afternoon we went and looked at a Camry and it was so so. Wednesday morning we went out and looked at a honda and I loved it! Interestingly enough, we had started researching cars two weeks ago and decided we would buy in December when the buying was good. Needless, to say the irony of it all had us buying it Wednesday! So that was fun!
Honda Accord LX-P 2009 with only 33 miles on it. I should have known when I got in it to test drive it and it said 33 miles it was mine! The three's have it! If I think back a few years 33 was an extremely enjoyable year for me as well! But today...this day...right now where I am at is the best ever! And not because of this great new car either!

Then there has been the fun of creating digital layouts...for NLP Designs and Veelana

My latest jewelery set is created using New Jade and Natural Turquois along with sterling silver and silver plated findings. I love the jade color and look forward to sporting this in the fall as I head back to teaching Kindergarten. Yes, you heard me correctly. I need to venture back into teaching in order to secure my position in this ever changing trying economy....for my future and my family.

Well, for now that is it...

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rairie said...

Newsy and the digitals are great. Am I really that fat or is your camera on the wide angle the new jewelry...a continuation of you creativity.

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