Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fleas, a purse, a ticket and a scrape!

This afternoon Jay scraped his face somehow and on something which I have no clue. He did not do the "OW OW OW OW OW OW" that he has come to know and love for ANY bump! So I can not tell from where this came I write now, it is a very faint scratch and barely noticeable. Thanks to the aquaphor which immediately begins to heal your skin. Love that stuff!!!

Had a ball at the flea market and it was one of the most delightful days there so far! Full of garage saley vintagey things(rather than antique dealers asking an arm and a leg!) that was pure delight to the eyes!
I had to have a few things!
fringey stuff...

a new um OLD purse...

this was the most funnest, awesomest thing I dug out of a table of boxes...amongst the other things listed below!!! It is an old sewing cleaned up purse!!!

a dictionary from 1930!

vintage scarves! I am thinking new short hair do with big round sunglasses...oh yeah baby!

OK, life is just way to busy and fun right now.
Well, you know...there are things that are definitely not so fun going on...
*like having to file paperwork with the courts in regards to modifying child support.
*like having to do some major spring cleaning and hating it.
*like having to be here or be there.
*like having to run out to the court house for the third day in a row.
*like having a dentist appointment.
*like missing out on having dinner with my teacher friends Monday night because I had to take Jacob to practice and Michael worked all day.
*like getting a speeding ticket.

Everyone has things like this they have to deal with....
But how lucky am I???
*I get to be with Jay and see him grow and change every day!
*I am able to help out with Jayda's class and be part of both her and Jacob's education!
* I get to celebrate a dear dear dear friend of mine's upcoming wedding at a bachelorette party in May! She is 59 I think and marrying a wonderful man! daddy's babysitting!
*I have an amazingly, wonderful, supportive husband who I expect to be perfect 100 % of the time...and well...he's near close!
*My dentist appointment went smoothly! She said Everything looks great! No cavities! That's always an exciting thing to hear for me! hahahaha See a post somewhere in the past when I ranted about how I dreaded the dentist as a child!!(Who happened to have an office just over the candy store!?! WTH???)
* I get to go on the St. Augustine field trip as a chaperone for my daughter and to Sea World as a chaperone for my son!!
*The weather is in the 80's and staying that way all week here!
*We are going out in the boat this weekend and taking a friend of Jayda's.
*Jacob is old enough to mow the lawn and Jayda is old enough to do the laundry!
*I have the sweetest in laws!
*I have the best parents!
*I love my family!
and on and on and on and on and on....
WHAT??????? You are wondering why I glazed over the part about a speeding ticket huh????
Yeah, you heard me. A speeding ticket. I haven't had a speeding ticket since 1993. I was coming back from beach and it went from 50 mph to a 35 mph and I wasn't familiar with that part of town. However, this time, I was driving 37 miles per hour and got a speeding ticket! It was a 30 mph zone...where up ahead they would be doing construction...oops! It could have been a 391.00 fine but he let me off the hook for only 151.00. Hmmmm, thanks??

Anyways, it feels good to let you all know I got a speeding ticket. I am not so mortified or embarrassed by it now...the truth really does set you free. haha

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Rachel said...

Oh no!! Sorry about your ticket!

Great flea market finds!

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