Sunday, May 31, 2009

I made Amy Sumrall's Creative Team!

I am so honored to be creating for Amy Sumrall!!!
You may remember me posting some layouts using her free kits from the SYTYCD challenge. If you do not remember you can find those posts here...and here...oh yeah and here!!!!!
I guess I really really liked her imagine my over the moon joy when I was asked to create for her?
I received the invitation yesterday afternoon while at my in-laws. I was so excited to share the news with them and they were so sweet about supporting me!

If you have never seen her work, you truly have missed out. I know there are bunches and bunches of creators out there BUT you must check her out!
Without further ado, here she is.

I know isn't she adorable????????????
OH WAIT A want to see her work!? hahaha are some of her kits!

You can find these at the DigiChicks shoppe!
She has made it to the final round of the SYTYCD challenge. Here are her first four weeks work.

You can grab them here!
If you have not joined the Scrap Addicts yet, I highly recommend it! And do not forget to vote for her there!
Here is what I created using her work!


Anonymous said...

Soooo happy for you! Congrats!!! Hugs, Mom#2

Jingle said...

First off, congratulations, secondly....WOW! Your pages are wonderful! It's no surprise that you made the team! Beautiful!

Chrispea said...

Congrats!! How fun! I love your digi layouts. Cute stuff!

Anonymous said...

WOW girl.. you are amazing, and you so deserve it.. I love your digi projects.. you are in your element...

And any pages with baby jay And i m happy!

rairie said...

I do not know squat about scrapping but I sure know a super person when I meet them. The greatest joy is to have you as a daughter and to have you scrap about me makes me feel good! I am endlessly proud of you. Keep up the great work!

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