Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Loving Amy Sumrall's Kit and a squid!

This girl has some WAY cute kits...like I could sit all day and play with them! Go see her blog! She is working hard to stay alive in the SYTYCD contest here at Scrap Addicts. My opinion...this is the girl to beat!
I finally had a few minutes of down time to create something for you and me...er...for baby Jay...although he is not much of a baby anymore!

Can you believe I even had time to help Jacob with his science project???
I actually got my mother's 1970's sewing machine to work...THAT BABY IS AWESOME! We had to make a European Squid. I sewed...he painted!

I am so going to be pulling that baby out to sew more things! I LOVE IT! I will photograph it and tell you all about this old puppy one of these days!

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Amy said...

You are way sweet! TYSVM!

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