Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tagged again!

I've been tagged again!

This time Bree tagged me with a fun little picture tag!

1. Go to the section of your computer where you store all of your photos.

2. Select the 6th folder.

3. Select the 6th photo from that folder.

4. Post and explain about that picture.

5. Tag 6 other people

1. Angie
2. Kelly
3. Nicole
4. Jingle
5. Harley
6. Elizabeth

Here's the picture...

This is Jay last week. he was in his jammies and running around busy as usual...i stuck his Mickey inside his jammies and he pranced around with it there for some time! Couldn't resist snapping a picture of him and also noting how he squealed when I took the picture!


Sandy said...

awwww...that is such a cute pic!!!

Brock Family said...

Hey Jessica!!! This picture is too cute! Sorry we have been out of touch lately...again! I think I am still trying to get back in the routine since being away so long for Christmas. We have had some sickness since then also, but we are all well and heading to the library on Thurs. if you and Jay would like to join us! Email me and let me know!!! I love your blog! It is so fun.

Harley Dee said...

How cute! I just went to check, and I'm glad my my 6th picture in my 6th folder is a decent one, lol ;D

Anonymous said...

Adorable!!!!! Mom

Anonymous said...

Aww what a cutie patootie.....

I love it

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