Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sorry Mom-

I was three and had cute curls...so my mother says and i have this photo to prove it...
shortly after....well I will let you read the journaling!!!
She said:
When I got you from your nap,
your hair was almost all gone.
It was that darn Mr. Rogers
show today. He went to the barber
shop. The darling curly pigtails were so cute.
Now you have two bare spots on both sides.
You must have cut right at the rubber bands?
Why would you do it?

I said:
The pigtails hurt so bad. I just wanted them out.
I went to sleep for my nap and cut them off at the bands.
Hid them under my pillow.
She'd never find them.

Digi Scrapping:
Weeds and Wildflowers 365 digi kit


Anonymous said...

How adorable and sad!! Now I know the story. The layout is precious. Love Mom C.

Veronica said...

Umm, where is the "after" pic? LOL
Great LO!

Rachel said...

Your digi stuff is looking CUTE! Love this one. The adorable picture just makes it over the top precious!

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