Tuesday, January 6, 2009

College Bound SATU Challenge #6

You know, when I smiled for these pictures in 1989...I never dreamed in 2009 I would actually care one iota about this....then again...I don't think I cared about anything other than the fun I was going to have when I left home.
I have just admitted 20 years has flown by since I have graduated high school...AAAAACCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!

This page was created for Scrapping Across the Universe challenge # 6:

Jude is leaving home, to travel across seas. When was the first time you left home?

Did you move away for college, military, or a job? This can be interpreted in so many ways. Was it when you were a child leaving for summer camp? Maybe you can scrap about your first apartment... the one that was all yours?

Please come play with us...a fabulous prize hangs in the balance!


Anonymous said...

This is soo cool.

I missed you over the holidays!
How are you?

I hope you had a great Christmas, and Happy New Year.

rairie said...

OMG again I am in shock. How we laughed about you fitting everything into the van! The years sure do fly by. What a wonderful person you have become.
What a great trip getting to the here and now!

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