Friday, January 9, 2009

Exciting News!

There are so many changess going on at All Moments Remembered...Check them out here!!!

I have been asked to be the team coordinator for a challenge team at All Moments Remembered! It is going to be so much fun! We are hosting weekly challenges, as well as daily challenges...

You must come see what's up each day!

Monday is a color challenge.

Tuesday is a font/title challenge.

Wednesday is a product challenge.

Thursday is a scraplift challenge.

Friday are random challenges put together by members of the challenge team!

M-Th challenges will be awarded with a crown for that week as princess of ____ as chosen by the creative team. At the end of the year, person with most crowns will be named queen of ___ and will receive a prize at the following years annual crop!

Each Friday we will randomly pick a winner for a delightful prize from All Moments Remembered store!

Speaking of...I am pleased to introduce you to the wonderful team I will be part of(in no particular order):

Harley aka Hayatiggs

Kelly aka born2scrap

Gloria aka GLOANN

Patti Martin aka Patti Martin

Please come check out All Moments Remembered message board today! We are having a 1 year anniversary crop!!! Tons of prizes, classes, challenges, and good ol' fashioned fun!

The first Friday Challenge is up!!!
Truth and Dare!
It’s the new year and new you!!!!
It’s time to get honest with yourself….and to dare to push yourself a little further in this new year!
Tell the truth about what happiness is to you. I dare you to focus on paper layers with distressed edges….rip, crumple, tear, stitch, staple, ink, bite off with your teeth! Hehehe I will make it a smidge easier….you can scrap lift someone else!

Here is my take on the challenge!

PP Little yellow bicycle LOVE LETTERS
-love ledger
-black damask flocked
-dec edge grid and ledger
KI Memories black houndstooth sheer delights
dymo label maker
MM metal words
prima flowers
card from a deck
lace beaded fringe from jayda's kindergarten back pack!
beaded fringe from my daughters kindergarten book bag...5 years ago!
Stickles-gunmetal and star dust
Black gelly glaze pen
Little yellow bicycle rub ons and clear cuts shapes
charcoal cats eye chalk ink

Here is my 6th school year! Oh my, moving on into the ugly middle school years...UGH!!!
Let's just say my tom boyishness didn't go over so well...thank goodness for going through phases....despite how long it seemed, it was short! hahaha
This melissa frances school paper went well with the photo...simple quick page.
I need to get back in the mindset of completeing!

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Veronica said...

Oh how fun! I need to join and "play along" just to get out of my "comfort zone!" Yay for Gloria and Harley!!

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