Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Life is busy and I am capturing it!

I am having a wonderful time creating for Amy Sumrall! You can find all of her kits here in The DigiChick store! She has some adorable kits available and definitely worth the look see! I also recommend heading over to the Scrap Addict and picking up her freebie kits there from the So You Think You Can Design contest held for 5 weeks! Oooops, sorry, the links are all sad is that??? Well, I do not think there is anyone involved in digi scrapping who did not know about that contest! I am sure you were lucky enough to have yours already!
This kit called: definitely appropriately named!

Here is my first layout using this kit!

How cute are these little feet inside these adorable little shoes?
These are your first shoes that are not Stride Rite! And guess love these! They are your favorite pair of shoes. The funniest thing is watching you watch them! The eyes are what makes these shoes and I love watching you bend over and poke them in the eyes. I don't know why, it makes me laugh! I guess I try and imagine what your little mind is thinking about the shoes that have eyes!

I have also been creating with the Oh So Happy Kit:

Here is what I completed using this kit!

It seems like just yesterday i took a picture very similar to this. jacob you were starting 1st grade and Jayda you were starting kindergarten. Look at you two now, end of 6th and 4th grade. You two are still the best of friends today. Except now you both have cooties!

I have been using a few other kits to design with, but these are all just freebie kits I have picked up along the way!

You bend at the waist, hoist up the guitar, and play guitar hero with your brother.
mc_sleepynods red background paper
SB_Let it Rock Freebie Digi Kit
journal: Typical writer font
title: Rock Show Whiplash at

My Jayda, so unsure of herself sometimes. It was so adorable watchign her loosen up as we took these pictures the morning before her last day of school!

Hard to believe another school year is gone! You finished 4th grade with TWO "terrific student" awards, straight A's, chorus, new friends, and a nomination to safety patrol under your belt!
apple: mhains apple spice and all things nice free digi kit
PP and elements: bzb designs Maddie's Garden free digi kit


Sylvia said...

I love ALL of your LOs! They are really gorgeous ( I wish I could do stuff like you do *sigh*)
But I like this cute LO with your little one and the 'rawr' shoes *lol*... so you find the PERFECT kit to scrap this cute photo :) :) :)
love love love this :)
{hugs} Sylvia

Chrispea said...

Awesome stuff Jessica. I LOVE your digi's!!

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