Friday, December 5, 2008

Where have I been?

Okay, it is confession time!
My desk was a complete and utter disaster. totally could not even see the bottem of it! Ever since I created THIS PROJECT my desk has not seen the light of day!
I cleaned it yesterday and immediately I was creative!
I have completed TWO atc's for swaps. (Forgive the delay Bree of my 1970's ones)
1980's:(remember flourescent clothing??? Frankie shirts? I kept it stark and simple like the Tshirts!)

1970's:( I chose this year and song because it was the year I was born...and the title was fitting...not only that...I love this song. Such a beautiful voice!)

Don't mind the white flocking around these last ATC's...long story.

I am working on Christmas cards and they are adorable!!! But I will not post yet!

I completed an 8 x 8 layout for a gift for Stacey at All Moments remembered. It is her 1 year anniversary and the girls are putting together an album for her!

I decorated our Christmas tree. Me who has three Christmas trees had to be FORCED to put up one tiny table top tree! You see baby Jay has a way of "decorating" that is not conducive to the trees/ornaments/Annalee's!

It is a table top tree with no tree skirt even as the baby would pull it down!
Still waitin gon word to who won this jar project challenge!

I am still working on an advent calendar. I am creating a tree...but I need to borrow my mother's hot glue gun!
If you love kits...I highly recommend you visit, Shop Crop Suey!!! They are giving away a second kit for 50% off after buying another kit or extras they offer! Hurry on over NOW to see what you want. OH AND BY THE WAY!!! Tell Bree or Camille that Jessicamae3 sent ya! I earn points for free stuff!!!!
That's it for now!


Veronica said...

I'm so glad you weren't completely LOST under your scrap desk!! Love, love, love the Carpenters!!
Glad to see you back!!

rairie said...

The "only just begun" cards are to kill for. They touch my heart. So does the rest of this blog and you as well

ScRaPbOoKfReNzY said...

I was finally inspired to create a bit once I cleaned my table off, but it's pretty messy again. I like your ATCs..very fun. Love seeing your projects. I need to post some of mine.

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