Friday, December 19, 2008

Fourth Grade

Hmmm, the pictures make me laugh and cringe all at the same time! Talk about being a caterpillar...
I have so enjoyed working with these. In fact, I loved finding the boxes of photos, ephemera and newspaper clippings. Everything is so in tact and complete. I am so glad I was a pack rat as a child! Report Cards, handwritten letters in my young scrawl, and tons of memories of who I was and what my life was like. My children will have something tangible and in order when I am but a distant memory.
Do you notice the necklace I am wearing in this photo? It was a heart and what looked like a crocked horn and supposedly it was good luck and i have no other knowledge of it than that it was popular! Another thing I rem out on the markey for the first time were those sandals that you could pop out the wheel on the bottom and make them into little skates.
Funny! Plus, i remember my first ever real live crush! It was Kevin McCluskey! I wrote him a note and said...will you go with me? Circle yes or no. He told me he was not allowed to have a girlfriend. hahahaha What was I thinking? I would kill my daughter if she wrote a letter like that to a boy in her class. Hahahahaha

Rusty Pickle Game Pieces PP
Sass journal spot sticker
Random flowers, buttons, and brads

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Veronica said...

OMG! My kids would like to think of me as a distant memory now! LOL I have thoroughly enjoyed all your school LO's! After the first of the year, I will go looking for mine! Being the oldest, my mom kept ALL! ;-) Thanks, Jess, for sharing! They all look great!

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