Tuesday, December 9, 2008

'83 Dodge Colt

I found these pictures while going through a box my mother brought to me from my childhood home in PA...which they have since sold to a sweet older couple who have put wooden windmills in the yard.
This car was made of steel and it managed to hold up fairly well in the wreck. Unfortunately, it was worth so little...it didn't take much to "total" it.
Sorry Dad! I still feel real bad about that. But I promise I wasn't speeding and I also promise I was late going home!
Cheryl Kunselman and her boyfriend happened to drive by immediately after the wreck. He was bringing her home from a party. She lived a block from me and I caught a ride with them!
I loved making this layout! The memories I suppose. It was fun to reminisce!
If you look closely, you will see my actual driver's permit!!!

Journaling reads:
This old number here has seen some serious teenage driving! Live and die by the teenager as a matter of fact! My older sister, older brother and I all learned to drive in this 1983 Dodge Colt. My parents bought it as a second car for their teens to drive. My sister burnt out a clutch! It took her forever to get the hang of it and a lot of practice! My brother taught me to drive. I will tell you one thing for sure, once you learn to drive a stick shift, you never forget! Unfortunately, one “late” evening I was driving home. It was wet and cold. The road had frozen over and I spun out of control damaging a guardrail and totaling the car. I literally was going 15 mph when the car began spinning. I was absolutely petrified as I hated driving in bad weather anyways! The hardest part was calling my dad and telling him I wrecked! He yelled and cursed at me a lot over the next few weeks! Just what you would expect from a dad who had a teenage driver who wrecked the . . .

Basic Grey OffBeat from Camille's Premiere kit over at Shop Crop Suey!
PP are "alternative" and "radical"
Grapefruit plastic Bag
Driver's License Permit
sewing machine with black thread
3 black vintage buttons from my mother in laws collection!


Veronica said...

What a memory!! Yup, you're right. Once you use a stick, you're stuck!! LOL

rairie said...

OMG you told everyone how mad Dad would get...I thought that was a family secret!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

What a depressing memory....but fun to read about since I wasn't involved! I have my own memories of a teenage wreck!!!! I really liked your layout. Love, Mom

Rachel said...

Love the LO, and the story behind it :)

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