Saturday, November 1, 2008

Scrapping Across the Universe-"Hold Me Tight"

The new challenge is up over at Scrapping Across the Universe!!! Go check it out!
But not before you check out all the layouts completed for the first challenge!!!


This is the second challenge!
"The song "Hold Me Tight" is being played as the film moves between a 1960's American High School Prom
and a European underground club. Can you find inspiration form your High School Graduation,
or how about using a vintage high school theme on a page, even better... do you still have those Prom photos?
If this isn't you, what about your visits to a club, or dance?
Or maybe it's the lyrics to the song....."
Here is my take on the challenge:
The theme of my Prom was from the song "Still Loving You" by the Scorpions. I loved this dress that my mother had made using the bridesmaid dress from my oldest brothers wedding! Unfortunately, the seamstress cut it way to low in the front! I was worried about cleavage all night. Boy, if I knew then what I know now. Hahahahaha! I borrowed the gorgeous drop necklace from an elderly neighbor lady who wanted me to wear it with this dress.
I had a great night at the dance and I think we went to the theme park outside of pittsburgh or cedar point the day after....I can't remember! I am geting old!

Cardstock Turquois DCVW
Thickers Title is the Prom's Theme
Flowers from Mrs Chez in a RAK
Random buttons
Prima Say it with crystal flourish
random heart buttons
89 chipboard Marcella by K
white heart from Bree in a RAK
Small Ace of hearts card
Letters: Mini alpha MM
MM Paint
Tule netting behind pics
sewing in orange around edge


rairie said...


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love it!! Brings back memories 48 yrs. ago..... What a layout....fantastic! Love, Mom C.

Marianne Hope said...

Thank you for your participating in my challenge, and WOW you are fast, ha, ha. Your LOs are great! Have a great sunday!

Veronica said...

That looks GREAT! I swear Woman, you are making me pull out my high school pics! I actually need to take them from the "acetate" books and preserve them!!!

Sandy said...

omg, you're killing me with these old pics!!! lol!!! wow. they bring me back....i might have to dig some up too - eeeeek!!

Anonymous said...

I remember that dress! (And the BOW! Who could forget the bows!)
What a great time!
I am honored to be on your senior year page! Thanks!
P.S. Show the girls!!!!! Live it up!
Becky P.

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