Friday, November 14, 2008

No Monkey Business!

Jayda's third grade teacher was incredible! She had "top banana" every week! Jayda was chosen the second week. It is based on behavior and a coveted project! She brought home the banana and spent the weekend with him! She had to journal all about their weekend together! She also got to take a box full of show and tells to share for the week. On Friday, we celebrated her week with doughnuts for the whole class. each child brought a different snack each week. It makes the student feel incredible, not only because of the attention they receive all week. But, each child wrote something nice to Jayda on a banana and these were dis[played all week in the classroom on her bulletin board. As a teacher myself, I was most impressed!!!


Veronica said...

Very CUTE!! WTG!! You can see just how proud she is in the picture! LOL

Anonymous said...

Congrats Jayda! You are always our "Top Banana"....Love,Grammy Peggy Great layout Jessica.

Chrispea said...

That is really cute, the layout and the top banana!! I love those thickers.

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