Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Twitter me your Secrets!!!

Okay...how awesome is the picture in this layout?

I have no idea where it was taken but it was my grandmother sitting in a building with my grandfather outside taking a photo of her having her portrait made. Where is this portrait Mother???? How perfect was this photo taken? He was an amazing photographer! I used lotsa sass and other stuff. Truth be told I do not like the way it turned out...but it is what it is and the words are what matter the most to me!!!

On to my new passion! Jewelery making!!!
I made this during Jays naptime! Truth...I got this embellishment for scrapbooking but it became a necklace and bracelet combo!


rairie said...

She never liked this picture. I beieve it was done when they were with Aunt Margaret somewhere. She did not like it and it never hung anywhere and was not at the house. She was a wonderful person and probably too good to everyone me included.

Cassie said...

It is a fabulous pic, and your layout is amazing!! I love that necklace. I LOVE peacock feathers...just gorgeous!!

Jingle said...

You are just rocking this jewelry thing! I love this set! Wow! Amazing!

Abby said...

Hey bloggy lady. Where ya at? :) I'm loving your jewelry, and your LO is fab! You should be proud of how it turned out!

Nicole Renee said...

Love the layout, the colors are great.

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