Saturday, March 28, 2009

Layout and Bracelets

Ok, so here's the story.
My parents 33rd anniversary was yesterday. Exactly a week after mine!
Well, the day comes and goes and it had slipped my I had thought about it a hundred times this past week...but the day of...drew a blank!
So, it is Friday evening and I am working on this weeks challenge layout.

I finish and I am thinking of the date of their anniversary and the light bulb goes on!
I stood straight up out of my seat and bellowed...OH MY GOSH!!!!
I totally forgot my parents anniversary!
I looked at the clock 1030 pm YIKES!!!
I was sick to my I felt like vomiting!
I knew they had gone to the dance at their clubhouse. But was it an early or late dance? UGH couldn't rem. Called their one home.
Called moms cell. No one answers. Were they mad at me and not answering????????
So I took my page and the card I made and I headed out to their house...its 11 pm by now. They live 5 minutes from us....but decide to drive up by the clubhouse as I recalled it was a later dance and was just about over. I knew my mother was in charge of clean up after the dance on her committee. So I walk in my mom had her back to me and I just hug her and told her I am sorry I forgot her anniversary and then this made me cry...and then she cried. Then I showed her the page and the card and told them the story and they laughed! I made it in the 11th hour! They were so happy to see me and told me I made their day....can you believe the other three children did not even rem it? So I am still the favorite child. hahahahah

More bracelets...
wood and bone with a fish charm made from wood.

Black beaded bracelet.

I am making an order with Fire Mountain Beads and gems tomorrow with my cousin. I so can't wait!

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Barbara said...

That's hilarious :D

My mom kept forgetting whether hers was the 6th or 7th of November... she had us convinced for YEARS that it was the 7th. Finally my dad had enough and sat her down with their marriage certificate and straightened it all out.

We teased her so much for that.
We were bad children :)

You're the good girl!

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