Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Altered Ego

Hahaha...I have been an altering chick lately! I was busy last night working on another Cigar Box Treasure Box. I love making these....trouble is I always give them away! This one is missing a blinged out skull and crossbones on the box lid which I will get and add later!

Here is the updated photo...although this is not the greatest of is bad! But I love the skull and crossbones my mother helped me find at Mike's today! I had to get an iron on and I wouldn't recommend ironing on a finished project....but I liked the way it worked! It kind of buckled my paper some...bummer!

Rusty Pickle Pirate princess PP
MM "lipstick" paint
Black beading from a fancy dress I cut up!
Jingle Fiber
Boat key

Then I found this bracelet my mother gave me from my grandmother...I had to alter it with a Hambly Rub On! Love Love this!!!! I am all about repurposing and reusing and recycling garbage and delights such as these!! LOL

Then you will see this corrugated cardboard just waiting for delicious paper from my kit that I won from Shop Crop Suey! Yeeeiiiipppppeeeeeee! Can't wait til the postman arrives from Canada!

Be watching for a 33 1/2 Record altered project I am going to create! I can't wait!

Now how awesome are these keys from the flea market...a quarter a piece!

And I got all of this for 4.00

These were lying in a old old old music box for .50!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me some lovey dovey 'cause I need all the positive reinforcement I can get!


Jingle said...

Jess, you are killing me with these treasures of yours! The keys! The scrabble tiles! That amazing cardboard! I love it all! Sorry about the drool on your blog!

Anonymous said...

U R soooo fabulous. You know I love the chest.
And OMG... you so rocked that bracelet.
You truly are a genius!

And Yes your package was sent out today.
i got my buddy to drive me over. I can't wait to se what you do with the kits.


Love ya babe!

Jessica said...

Love the scrabble letters! You make me think outside the box!!

Jodi(scrapperjo) said...

Looks like some fabulous those keys.

aworld said...

I am going tohave to come and go JUNQUING with you! Neat stuff!!!!!

Anne Marie said...

Great eye for great finds!

Debbie said...

Wow!!! You hit the jackpot!!

Elizabeth said...

Girl you got some great stuff this week. I can't wait to see what you do with it!! :)

rairie said...

The most important part of the finds at the flea market is sharing the day with you Mother!!! How thrilled I am to be home and be with you and watch you gather your finds. Love you

luvzenkm2 (Leea) said...

I so love flea markets ...mmmmm maybe I will fly down and we can go together...then I will kidnap Mr. Mojo as he is probably exhausted from the work out with you *wink* Love all your stuff....

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