Sunday, February 7, 2010

Apple Paper Painting

It's almost done! I worked on the paper collageing this weekend. I was so very hesitant to begin because I didnt have the papers I wanted. I borrowed some and piece mealed it together in order to come up with a good start. I have a smidge more to do...but I am leaving a bit more paint exposed than other artists may choose in their collage.

When I arrived home, my husband said I ruined it. He liked it better before hand. I liked it better after and from a distance. LOL I loved how the colors came together and how I used alot of my classroom left over dittos as part of the painting! (I painted the dittos.)

This afternoon I sorted about 3,000 stamps and went through some of my ephemera for future use! I also gathered together a few things that Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson
will need to add to her upcoming pieces.
If you have never checked out her is a must see!
I am attending another workshop next month in paper painting with Elizabeth!

I also purchased her DVD and so can you!!! Click the photo to find out how!

She is an amazing artist and an even more amazing person!

I am biting at the bit to get my gnome started...but with Jay being potty trained this weekend, it is getting in the way of me doing much of anything! Joys of motherhood!

By now, Jay is long potty trained (June 23, 2010) and my gnome is done. Here's some shots of it...


Jingle said...

This totally IS even better! It has so much depth and texture now! This is really fantastic! I would love to take her class!

Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson said...

Oh my goodness! thanks SO MUCH for the good press! and YOUR APPLE looks fantastic! just LOOOOOOK at that fabulous shading! w-0-w. great work. I am impressed.

prashant said...

This is really fantastic!
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Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson said...

wow, look at your Gnome! how fuzzy he is, I remember when you said you were going to create a gnome that you wanted his beard to tickle your face... you really captured this by using paper with just the right qualities. Wow, the shading on the cap is outstanding, you are really getting the hang of the shading and making your items very dimensional. Great Job! said...

I love your collages! Inspiring!

Anonymous said...

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She Loves Wine said...

I think you are doing a GREAT JOB!! HOw big is the apple? Looks huge....I am going to purchase Elizabeth's DVD... I'm a paper hoarder... I've painted my own papers for years and have a very hard time using them... often save them for when I'm " a real artist"...

Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson said...

Dear wine, I hope you will enjoy the DVD, I think Jessica's apple was about 14x14. If I remember correctly.

Mrs. Carter said...

I just wrote and wrote and wrote and lost it all! :( Basically I said, it is on a 12 x 12 piece of old 1/2 inch plywood from a boarding up from a horrible hurricane! LOL It was my first piece and I wasn't sure I would love the end result and didn't want to waste money if I was not very good at it! It sits on my desk in my first grade classroom. People stop and comment on it all the time. You will love Elizabeth's DVD. You must try and get to one of her workshops. I guarantee by the end of it you will know her so well. She is definitely a "teacher-artist" and shares her love of art with you! Now, get those papers out and start rip, tearing, gluing, and creating! :)

Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson said...

THanks Jessica for being so supportive and always complimentary! I'm teaching in Jacksonville this weekend. :)

mj said...

Great Painting. Its totally awesome. I hope to see more of your work...

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Breeze said...

I like your final apple better. It's much more earthy than the original

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syneloi said...

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Loralei said...

SOOO cool!!

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T.Long said...

The painting of the apple is just fantastic! I love it! So colorful and just makes me think wonderful things.

George Garchagudashvili said...

so creative, looks fantastic ;))

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