Sunday, November 22, 2009

Digital Chaos!

I am getting more acquainted with Photoshop Elements the basics. I am finding myself looking for different things I can do than just the basics. But I have also been driven to complete the layouts. It is so much easier, faster, and less cluttered to be doing digital. However, I have found myself very "lazy" today. Groceries are purchased for the week. So, the day was not a total loss! :o) It was dreary, rainy and chilly out there today! I made a delicious chicken and fresh spinach salad for dinner. MMMM... yet, doesn't quite compare to the one I had at Applebee's with my mother on Saturday.
Without further ado...hey wait a minute!!! I had to upgrade my storage! I have reached my max storage on Picassa! I couldn't put on any more pics on my blogs. I sat here and thought and I shut it down, do I quietly disappear into the blogosphere...or do I pay 5 dollars a year for 20 G storage. I went ahead and paid 5 bucks to keep you entertained and inspired!?!
You'll have to wait until tomorrow to see the new stuff!

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