Sunday, July 19, 2009

Owl and Rainbow Lovin'!

Yes, it is yet another fun activity I have picked up to keep my hands busy! I love this one, because I can be close to my family while they relax and I can enjoy doing something I like to do to relax also! My husband ticks each activity off to remind me how many different outlets I have...scrapbooking, jewelery making, digital scrapbooking, and now embroidery!

I knew I wanted my first project to be an owl...and here it is! Oh, and by the is redwork! I love that style mixed with this funky patterned fabric.

I am self taught with help from some really effective websites that teach you how to do the stitches. I am just a beginner, but we all have to start somewhere!
This project is going to be on my desk at school in August!
Yesterday on the way to Jayda's girl scout activity, I stopped at a garage sale and she was selling a ton of art supplies. I bought 4 stretched canvases for a quarter a piece. This is what I placed my project on!

I have started is a jelly fish and I am unsure how I actually want it to look. The outline is down but it needs more.

I am still actively digital scrapping and having such fun with that. I am designing for Amy Sumrall and find I am using her things pretty much exclusively. It is just so adaptable that I can use it for so many things! It is definitely my go to file on my PC!

Here is the latest layout I completed for The SIDELINES over at the Digi Scrap Addict "Battle of the Creative Teams 2009"! I am not participating in the actual challenge but I am playing on the "sidelines" and cheering them on! This week's challenge was to use white space and a similar theme.

Our Amy Sumrall Team have their layouts on page 9 and 10! I give our team an A+ for creativity! They posted their layouts one right after the other so that each of them were placed in the order of the rainbow...which is our theme this week...rainbow!

You can find all of Amy's design creations at The Digichick and on her blog!


Anonymous said...

"You are the end of our rainbow" is just precious! What a surprise to see your new Jay would say...."WOW" Mom

Anonymous said...

just thought I would drop by and say I miss you.. your projects are fabulous.. How have you been?

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

Such great work! :)

Amy said...

That owl is FABULOUS!!!! And you know I love your scrap pages! ;0)

Stacy said...

You are doing a great job! I found the answer to a question for the AMR Scavenger Hunt :)

Jen said...

Love the owl!!! You are doing an awesome job!!!

AMR scavenger hunt brought me here!!!

grettas granddaughter said...

What a beautiful owl. AMR scavenger hunt brought me here.

scrapperjen said...

I love that layout and what a neat project.

TheresaK said...

WOW!!! Your owl is gorgeous!!! I just started to embroider too!!

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