Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Teacher's Gifts

I can not believe the end of the year has come.
My children will be out for summer in a week and a half!
I am usually on the receiving end of fabulous teacher gifts. But since I am now a stay at home mother, I am making them for my children's teachers! In the past, I was too busy to create for them and would simply pitch in with the room mom as she planned a large gift for the teacher. This year I am going to go it alone!
Here was a wonderful idea I got from Noel Joy using candy bars and altering their packaging!

These prepotted plants were just begging for small dowels and handmade flowers. The stems are inked green and are going to hold money leaves. The money will be fanfolded and attached to the stems as a gift for being such outstanding teachers!

I made up the poem on the center flower. It says:
Who says good things don't grow with...Love, Patience, and Education!?!


Cassie said...

Those are really cute. I was planning on making Noel's candy bar wrappers, too. I'm also making monogram notecard sets for the teachers. What size candy bars are those? They look nice and wide.

Equilateral Mama said...

oh these are darling...I am just finishing up the last batch of my teachers gifts...sigh...and then its onto my 3yos bday!

PattiM said...

Tooo cute.... Their going to love receiving their gifts....


PaperParadise said...

That is the neatest idea! I'm always looking for neat teacher gifts! Also thanks for posting the $1 stamps! I've been wanting to know what they look like!


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