Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Card Frenzy

I totally love how basic Grey colors come together on cards. Yummers!!!! I have only done one so far, but I will be using that line more!

Here are some cards I made yesterday. I am really getting into the card making. It adds such a nice personal touch on the cards I send out to family and friends.

Here are some I have made over the past few weeks.


Chrispea said...

Great cards!! And the jar is awesome. It would make a great teachers gift! Put each student on a circle!! How cool! Totally lifting this idea1

Miss Onigur said...

These are GREAT! Wish I could do cards. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Mason Jar! Might have to "lift" that idea. ;)

Pamela said...

Love all the cards! I especially love that first one...so simple but still so stunning. :) Great job!

katarinasmama said...

I love the cards...the first three are my favorites...but the jar...rocks!!!

Anne Marie said...

Hey! I recognize one of these cards! :) Thanks, Jessica!

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